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Gemini Money

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Geminis develop a flexible attitude to money and, as with most things in their life, money proves an area where lively debate and conversation can occur. There is little that a Gemini likes better than to have something to talk about; views on finance, dialogue about financial exchange and proposals about investment planning prove stimulating to those of this sign. It is not at all uncommon to hear of Geminis bartering in their financial negotiations even when they live in western areas of the world where haggling over price is not necessarily experienced on a daily basis. Bartering is a form of conversation and is also a source of information. In debating the value of goods, the Gemini will hope to learn more about the goods themselves. There is plenty of opportunity to ask yet another question under these conditions and of course, anything that prolongs conversation appeals to the Gemini.

A pocket full of cash can give great pleasure to the Gemini since it can be an agent to getting what they desire most - information. Cash to them falls into two separate types: coinage and paper currency. Their attitude to coinage can be almost careless and they may show scant regard for checking their change. The same is not true of their attitude to paper currency which they treasure infinitely more carefully, since it affords a very different kind of opportunity. Geminis have a natural sense of fun based primarily on extracting information from one source to pass on to another. The time taken to extricate a bill or note from their purse or wallet also gives time to add another comment to any discussion. Notes may be folded in all sorts of ways and kept in many pockets, but the Gemini knows exactly where each one is kept even if they give the appearance of being distracted trying to remember exactly where the banknote is that they want.