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Gemini Money

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The concept of share dealing is appealing to Geminis. Well spread risk is an exciting concept to them. Nor will they shirk from investing in new and small companies. In fact, their very inquisitiveness may lead them to gathering information in areas that even the most seasoned financial journalist has not yet sought out. A varied portfolio then is comforting to those of this sign who, if so inclined, will spend much time getting hold of the various balance sheets necessary to make their financial judgements. Since they want to dip in and out of the market quickly, their relationship with their stockbroker is vital. Geminis want easy transactions and minimal paperwork but they also need someone available with whom they can bounce off ideas and strategies and who will comply with their requests promptly.

In their spending habits, Geminis have a tendency to break their pre-set budget regularly. It may be that they underestimate expenses. If it is not in pushing their travel allowance over the limit, it is in the purchase of magazines and books. It would be interesting to know just how many of these are actually read! Telephone bills are also likely to exceed any agreed limit. Not to have contacts or information is most upsetting for the Gemini but it is possible that they could be more prudent with these expenses. Geminis make some of the best technical analysts of the zodiac but even here they are not afraid of spending money on information from which to glean ever more information. They may be information junkies and be paying needlessly high prices. It is quite possible that poring over analysis results in them missing optimum moments in the markets. They can be distracted from the main objective all too easily - whether it be by a chart, a discussion or a phone call and thus miss the vital moment.