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Gemini Money

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It is not at all unusual to find that the Gemini is involved in at least one financial partnership. In this however, they may prove to be quite unstable. It is in the Gemini nature to resist any course of action which they may perceive as tying them down for too long a period of time. It is essential for any partner to understand this and to take steps to comply with the flexibility that the Gemini requires. A partner who insisted on fixed 'five year planning' would find themselves dealing with considerable resistence from their Gemini partner. The Gemini might enjoy the initial discussions and planning, but keeping to it would be very difficult indeed. An irritant for those in financial partnership with Geminis is their inability to keep receipts for cash expenses in one safe place. The tendency to stuff the receipt inside their bag, where it becomes lost in chaos, can be quite tiresome. It is not that they are incapable of being methodical, it is just that their brain is always dealing with several matters at one time and it is unlikely that receipt management has high priority!

To be financially successful in a project requires that the Gemini's considerable mental energy is in constant use. It is when they are bored that those of this sign sabotage their own objectives. Distracted by something which seems more rewarding for the moment, they fail to give due concentration to the business plan in hand. It is essential therefore that for financial success, there is a partner in the wings who is happy to maintain constant monitoring of the project. It is also valuable if that person has the ability to coax them back to thinking about the original task and to re- enthuse the Gemini for the project.!