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Gemini Money

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Geminis are attracted to savings schemes and enjoy the considerable sport to be had in the banter of comparing one savings scheme with another. Unlike many other signs, it is common for the Gemini to become interested in several different schemes - partly to spread their capital base, but also as a means of always having something to compare. This allows Geminis that essential versatility which is crucial to their well being. The idea of building up savings levels appeals to this group. As they move from one level to another and receive higher levels of interest as a result, they become ever more interested in how the rates are calculated. Questions may need to be asked and the ensuing discussion finds them arriving at a better deal as a result. Moving their savings from one scheme to another in pursuit of greater profit can become something of a habit for those of this sign. To avoid this, and the potential losses that can be incurred through defaulting on commitment, they need savings schemes which are updated annually taking account of any budget or tax incentives. In this way, they gain confidence in an account which is managed to take account of changing conditions and feel less need to make changes themselves.

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