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Gemini Money

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The more colourful the banknote, the more they appreciate it. Foreign currency is not a problem for them and has great appeal since they enjoy the mental calisthenics of calculating back and forth and checking daily exchange rates. Charge cards may allow for greater flexibility in spending but the Gemini is unlikely to gain as much pleasure from using these as they do from using cash. It is true that they use charge card flexibility to 'rob Peter to pay Paul' when they have more than one credit card, but they can also get themselves into something of a financial mess by running up bills which become ever harder to pay off. Remembering exactly what they owe to which charge card is difficult and it will not be long before they discover that they have come to the limit on each card.

Budgeting is not an easy task for the Gemini. It may be intellectually satisfying to work out a budget, but putting this into practice is anything but simple. The Gemini can always think of a way of bending the rules - even if these are rules that they have set themselves. Having bent the rules, it is not long before the complexity of these 'deals within deals' leads them into difficulties. There is, however, perhaps no other sign better able to talk their way out of trouble. They are always able to find a way of consolidating their debt at a better rate of interest. Once they have set up a pattern for paying off debt, and paid it off, it is not long before they see that they could continue to set aside the same sum for a savings scheme.

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