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Gemini Love Friday 17th August 2018

Your ruling planet, Mercury, arrives at an important station this weekend. It's important in that it it mirrors events that took place at the very end of January. This could be tidying up time. Given that this coincides with a major aspect between the two planets associated with love of the highest order (Jupiter and Neptune), this may be the moment for forgiveness or at least understanding. True, it could take until the Full Moon on August 26th before you're really ready to move forward. The process though should begin this week and probably after intense discussions over Monday and Tuesday. You'd do well to listen carefully to advice given then. It is possible that you've either demanded too much or overstepped the mark in some way. A little backtracking may be required if you need to keep a partnership on track or alternatively, if you're trying to get one started, not pushing too hard too fast would be wise.