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Gemini Love Friday 14th June 2019

Monday's Full Moon is in your opposite sign. It might seem over the course of this weekend, that others are pushing you into making decisions before you're ready. You probably won't be the only person feeling the need to put the brakes on over these next seven days. Taking things a little more sedately would no doubt be wise for all signs. Fact is that cosmic conditions presently are curious. The days around the solstice (on 21st) are always a little precious and fragile but yes, these are also turning points. In the past these dates marked the changing of the seasons. Though that's now not quite as obvious as it once was, it's still true to say that humankind looks the something different around these dates. The art in these next seven days, may be to take things gently, be as considerate as possible and yes, perhaps go with tradition and formality rather than spontaneous encounter.