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Gemini Love Friday 22nd October 2021

Earlier this week your ruling planet, Mercury turned direct. Both Jupiter and Saturn are also direct in the other Air signs. So it's probable that you are all ready hyped up and raring to go. Your social scene is set to expand: probably through the work or local scene. Interesting encounters are probable after the Sun moves into Scorpio this weekend. It might even be that you're asked to hold a secret or at least to observe clear feelings that haven't yet been expressed verbally. That should come before the end of the month. Top priority may be concern about a relative whose romantic life to say the least is entangled. Assisting them in negotiating this storm might not be easy - particularly when there may be so many times when they don't want to talk. Yet it's likely that someone is already preoccupied thinking about you. An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius might crave your company.