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Boris Johnson

BORIS wasn’t born Boris but adopted that name. He doesn’t ‘own’ that name – thousands share it. Yet it seems that everyone knows exactly who you mean if you talk about Boris– the Prime Minister of the UK.

The position of the Sun in a natal chart describes the ego and, in Boris’ case hissolar position conjoins Venus (we might even say he is in love with himself) with both opposing the Galactic Centre: he means for the world – indeed the galaxy – to know who he is and to be seen, in true Gemini style, as a superb orator.

You could argue that he is. He is certainly masterful with words – a fact exaggerated by Mercury (the communicator)’s position in its own sign of Gemini. Yet Mercury is at right angle to Chiron and in quincunx to Neptune and so often he ‘gets things wrong’ or says precisely the ‘wrong’ thing.

There is little question that he is loved – or perhaps indulged by many people (witness the position of Cupido on his Ascendant in Libra). Yet Eris – the disruptor – was on the Descendant at his birth and he just loves irritating and prompting others to have to dance on the spot – not necessarily to his tune – but just to see action.

His admiration for Winston Churchill is well known. He would love to share that man’s achievements. The pandemic – though not a war – has provided the stage for him to make his mark. It is probable however that history will not view him as a strategic leader or a compelling orator able to persuade others to come together: rather he is likely to be viewed as an arch disruptor who leaves chaos in his wake.

Uranus is the planet of disunity and in 2022/23 it opposes his Jupiter as the lunar node comes to his Jupiter. It seems likely that he will be embroiled in a high profile legal case where he is unlikely to come out well. Simultaneously Chiron transits his Descendant and Eris suggesting a fight to clear his name.
From August 2022 and through the opening weeks of 2023 Mars moves through Gemini. Through this time frame he may find he is fighting battles on many fronts and have difficulty finding allies.

Analysis of his progressions and directions (Astro-forecasting techniques) confirm the likelihood of him losing popularity (especially in April 2022) and of fighting to maintain his authority and financial position through the second half of 2022 (all confirming the earlier transits).

It was laughingly suggested that if he were to be thrown into the Thames then he would come out dry. It is more likely that he will be awash and submerged by legal challenges through 2022.

Yes, his node is on the royal star, Regulus but Jupiter, by direction has left the degree in which it was exalted. Meanwhile, Saturn – the ‘cosmic headmaster’ is headed toward the opposition to his Progressed Sun – arriving in 2023 – by which time either the weight of authority will pull him down or he will lose his crown through other means.