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Angelina Jolie

4th June 1975 09:09 am PDT +7:00 Los Angeles CA

Voted as one of the world's most beautiful women, it's appropriate to find Venus rising exactly on Angelina's Ascendant - how she meets the world.

However, she can also be quite controversial often talking about her breakdowns and disorders (such as pleasure from cutting herself) which is signified by a T-square to her Ascendant of Chiron opposition Uranus.

Angelina, famous as a successful actress, also became committed to humanitarian causes (Sun in Gemini in 11 th opposition Neptune) after filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia and being made aware of the extent of the poverty. She began visiting refugee camps around the world, donating large amounts of her own money, and was eventually made a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations in August 2001 just as transiting Saturn was contacting her Sun. Her angular Jupiter, Moon, Mars stellium in Aries in the 9 th has been put to good use fighting for other people in these third world countries.

Using AstroCartoGraphy her North Node conjuncts her Midheaven in Cambodia , the interpretation being a place where you come closer to fulfilling your destiny. Maddox, one of her two adopted children, comes from Cambodia . She gave birth to Brad Pitt's daughter in Namibia where both her Sun and Neptune are highlighted.