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Capricorn Yearly 2022

2022's keyword for Capricorn is networking. It's likely to become increasingly important to know who is working where - and for whom. The eclipses of 2022 signal, extra ordinary developments as regards expertise in training. You may be asked to be a mentor or teacher. As important is Jupiter's arrival in mid-May at the base of your solar chart. The need to expand your domestic environment is set to grow. Home improvements could be high on the agenda. It's probable too that you will be doing increased amount of work from home and and that this might be driven partly by the needs of another generation. Asset building, inheritance management and giving thought to your personal legacy will surely also move up your priority list. In April especially, determining how best you can display your particular talents, may be vital. Of growing interest too will likely be learning more about communication systems and how these can be improved.


It will likely be beneficial to clarify your USP by the end of January. Others need to know your particular expertise. That though is of course based on past performance and experience. By the end of 2022, but presumably because others are so pleased with what you've done in the last couple of years, you likely want to undertake further study. Certainly by the time Mars begins its extended stay through one of the work sectors of your solar chart from mid-August, there is every likelihood of you being super, super busy. Anticipate that those born under the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius were really value your expertise and want to work closely with you. Note too, that around the solar eclipse on April 30 the could be initial discussions about how you could improve your situation if already in work.


It could feel as though there's more flowing out than flowing in 2022. It's probable however, that you will be self investing and embarking on home improvements: all of which should be of long-term benefit. In terms of revenue stream, there's high probability of this increasing after Mars moves into one of the working sectors of your solar chart from August. Its extended stay suggests you'll be busy, busy, busy from then through until 2023. The only difficulty is that servicing costs could rise simultaneously. Health matters might also require further investment. By the end of the year you may not have moved forward quite as much as you would like. Yet as Mars moves through your sign from January 25 through to early March, and again as it transits the base of your solar chart between May 25 and July 4, the potential for increased gain increases.


The year opens with Venus retrograde in your sign. As you probably know, Venus is the planet of love and romance and yes, this could prove to be one of those very special years when you experience great depth of feeling resulting in commitment. The promise of a rich romantic journey is augmented by the presence of Jupiter in one of the most emotional areas of your solar chart from May through until late October - which should prove a magical time. Of course it's true that your personal chart needs to be studied carefully, but all Capricorns should enjoy the period around the Full Moon on January 17 and its partner on July 13. The optimum time for new romantic activity is between July 5 and August 20. Throughout this period especially, you could charm and engage and yes, delight in developing a bond with someone who has experienced emotional wounding in the past but is more than ready to heal and to have you act as agent.


You may know that the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron, is known as the wounded healer and, for the last couple of years, has been crossing over the very base of your solar chart. This has likely put you under emotional and perhaps even mental strain. It won't necessarily have broken you, but, with Jupiter aligning with Chiron mid 2022, it may be that you need to give increased thought to your mental welfare. It's possible that your news diet is doing you harm. You may need to be more selective about what you listen to, and what you read. On a brighter note, and from mid-May through until late August, you could do much to heal yourself through exercise and by broadening your mind - most probably through adventure. There's also the high probability of appreciating an exercise program that does much to support your weight-bearing abilities and muscle strength.


It might help to think back to 2010 when, as in 2022, Jupiter moved over the base of your solar chart. There is every likelihood that you experienced expansion at many levels that year. It would not be abnormal to be welcoming a new addition to the family but perhaps more likely in 2022, that you will be expanding your physical space. It may be that you need a bigger window on the world and that windows quite literally demand attention. Throughout 2021, concern about older relatives may have put extra pressure on you. Now though you may be familiar with this responsibility and working rather better around their needs and demands. Even so, you could be very busy with family matters between January 25 and March 6 as Mars moves through your sign. There might be something to celebrate regarding this on the latter date. The needs - most likely educational - of younger members look set to take centre stage from late August and, through November and December require you to have increased contact with educational bodies and possibly, involvement in a teaching programme.

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