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Capricorn Yearly 2020

2020 should prove momentous. You may know that the year opens with an alignment of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in your sign with Jupiter and some of the inner planets not far away. This very heavy emphasis on Capricorn surely puts the spotlight on you. Nor do things stop after the Sun leaves your sign on January 21st: Jupiter continues its journey through your sign until December 20th. One way to look at this, would be to imagine yourself wearing a beautifully made suit, perfectly measured, at the start of the year. Along comes Jupiter and you eat and drink a little more. By the end of the year you might be pushing at the seams. 2020 then is about becoming bigger than you have been. (That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll put on weight but that your world should expand). Whether or not you've been a retiring Capricorn unhappy about attention, or one that's craved being in the limelight, be assured that your leadership skills will be in demand and that whether you like it or not, others will turn to you for assistance. That will likely be particularly true in the second half of the year. Mars tours all 12 signs of the zodiac every couple of years. It's extended stay in Aries from the end of June through until 2021 puts considerable emphasis at the base of your solar chart and yes will probably result in things being stirred up - and not just at the emotional and financial level. Family dynamics are set to become ever more complex. On the positive side though true, your workload could be considerable, - especially from mid May to the end of June - it's probable that in the third quarter of the year you will agree that you have certain attributes and talents that set you apart and which you enjoy using.


Your career could go off at interesting and exciting direction in 2020. True, the presence of Saturn and Pluto, conjoined at the start of the year suggests heavy duty responsibility and even possibly the closing of a work chapter. This though is the year when Jupiter moves through your sign. People will beat a path to your door recognising that you have expertise that they need. Yes, your workload could be considerable - especially during Venus' retrograde period between mid-May and the end of June. Yet this should bring you more recognition. It's highly likely that you'll be working with those from either a very different culture to your own, or maybe with a company with global presence. It might even be necessary for you to do more travel then you have done. Moving from place to place is highly likely in the second half of the year when it's also possible that you'll be doing an increased amount of work from home. It is this though, that should bring extra reward between mid-November and December 20. It's likely not an exaggeration to say that careerwise, you'll be driving in a different lane altogether in the last 10 days of the year.


An esteemed colleague has already described 2020 is the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. You could certainly experience 2020 as precisely that. Investment opportunities are likely to come your way. True you could feel as though you've hit a financial buffer at the very start of the year. It's entirely possible that the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th will coincide with the closing of a revenue chapter. Yet perhaps this will be the last payment of a debt. It may be appropriate to review what you owe generally and make plans for how to relieve yourself of this type of pressure. An altered strategy could make all the difference. Discussions as Mercury is retrograde between mid February and March 10th should prove particularly constructive. Anticipate though that both family and property expenses will be high in the second quarter of the year. If at all possible, it's important to put a safety net in place before Venus turns retrograde mid-May. A very strong possibility is that you'll form a new business alliance during the year. This could bring real reward after Jupiter meets with Saturn in neighbouring Aquarius on December 20th. For those already in partnership - romantic or otherwise, - the altered career landscape of that other person could similarly impact your wealth.


In a year when both Venus and Mars turn retrograde it is reasonable to expect relationship turmoil. You could experience this primarily in your working life in the second quarter of the year and in your romantic and family life in the fourth quarter. This does not mean that there's no potential for you to have fun. True, the start of the year - and especially by those already at long-term union,- could feel heavy and you might even experience unhappiness. An important eclipse on June 21 signals a complete change of pace however. The summer should bring a healthy dose of romantic activity your way. It's then, that those who are looking for partnership are most likely to attract it. Mars' extended stay at the very base of your solar chart suggests that from the end of June and through to early 2021, that emotionally you'll be all stirred up and fired up. Until Jupiter leaves your sign on December 20th it could be argued that you'll be spoilt for romantic choice. It's highly likely that before the end of the year, you will feel to have moved to a more secure and definitely interesting and exciting romantic platform.


Let's not be too dramatic about this, but your nerves could suffer during 2020. Much pressure is headed your way. It's arguably important that you give thought to the nervous system and how it best it can be maintained. You should consider doing this before Saturn leaves your sign on March 20th. Saturn's move from Capricorn to Aquarius will bring different kinds of pressures. Mentally the second quarter of the year could be exhausting. Putting focus in the first quarter and ensuring that you are in best possible condition would be wise. As outlined in the romance sector, the third-quarter promises to be exciting and emotionally enriching which augers well for your well-being. Mars though turns retrograde mid-September until mid-November - and at the very base of your solar chart. Once again, you may need to draw on inner resources. It would be wise to ensure that your vitamin and mineral - particularly iron - levels are optimal. Note too, that especially during Venus' retrograde period between mid-May and in June, that quality relaxation time is vital. Factoring this into an already busy schedule is likely imperative for your general - but especially mental - well-being.


Family matters and responsibilities will doubtless dominate 2020. It all starts at the very beginning of the year when two eclipses; the first in your sign at the end of 2019 and followed on January 10th by a lunar eclipse, could leave you feeling as though one family chapter has closed but yes, another is poised to open. That might not happen until later in the year however. There is a strong possibility of family advancement and expansion before the end of the year and yes there may well be something to celebrate. Family properties, legacies and the care of those from other generations will become an increasingly point of concern- especially after Mars moves to the base of your solar chart at the end of June. Factoring these duties and care against an already busy schedule could leave you feeling much overstretched. Yet exciting news before the close of the year, - and probably in the first two weeks of December, should leave you feeling that life is moving on as it should and in a promising way.

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