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Capricorn Yearly 2019

2019 opens with a solar eclipse in your sign and yes, this special new moon signals major developments. There is an urgency to turn the page on the past and in a sense, reinvent yourself. Before the end of February, Chiron, the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus and is known as the wounded healer, arrives at the base of your solar chart. And yes, in the coming years the health of family and even of property will no doubt preoccupy. Offsetting any difficulties however is the arrival on March 6th of Uranus in another of the Earth signs, Taurus. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, surprises, rebellion and general deviance from the norm. You could get particularly excited or energised by the needs of children if you're a parent, or by growing enthusiasm for a hobby. But yes, love affairs are also indicated. By the time that Jupiter reaches your sign on December 3rd, reaping the rewards of responsibilities undertaken over the last three years is probable. By then you will likely be in the spotlight and praised for having maintained an even keel as difficulties were negotiated.


Major developments are to be expected in 2019. This marks the start of a six-year period when work and leisure activities are set to come together. By the end of the year, the fact that you are being paid for doing a job you love is probable. Yes, it is possible that you will need to work from home. That may be apparent from the last two weeks in February. You might also be asked to mentor someone with the aim of having them ready for interview or test in 2020. From the Full Moon on May 18th through to the solar eclipse on July 2nd , the needs of a partner (business or romantic) will likely take priority. This could yet prove a turbulent period. It would be understandable if by the lunar eclipse on July 16th that you felt exhausted. Hopefully it will be possible to factor in a proper holiday before Jupiter and Uranus arrive at stations on August 12 as the last quarter of the year could find you singularly busy and involved in a training programme. What you master during September should bring tangible reward after Jupiter moves into your sign on December 3rd. Ahead of this, you may be in good bargaining position around the Full Moon on November 12th . By the close of 2019 it's probable that you'll be holding a very different working position to at its start and facing 2020 with confidence.


Theoretically this should be a year for building a nest egg and saving. Yet you might wish to make property improvements which of course, might be considered a form of asset management. Fact is that whilst Jupiter is moving through one of the long-term savings area of your solar chart, putting aside cash as well as preserving assets would be wise. Yes, you're probably right that chilly financial winds will blow through 2020 and that having a reserve would be wise. Yet that need not stop you from having fun with a little speculation in June. The desire to self-invest through a hobby or leisure activity might yet be one of your most astute financial moves. With a partner's or relatives' financial affairs experiencing turmoil, maintaining a steady financial course will likely not be easy. This may be especially true after the solar eclipse in your opposite sign in July. Having negotiated that turbulence however and during the last quarter of the year, you could steady your financial boat so that by the time Jupiter enters your sign in early December, you don't feel that financially you've been compromised.


The arrival Uranus in the 'affairs of the heart' sector of your solar chart, suggests that the lights are about to come on in this area of your life - and in sparkling style. Over the next six years, whether you're in love with a hobby, with children or with minor speculation, your heartstrings should play in a way that they haven't yet done. Optimum times are late May, July and from August 18 through to early October. It's probable that around the Last Quarter Moon on November 19th that there will be a significant romantic event.


The health of a relative could have your attention - especially after Chiron arrives at the base of your solar chart in mid-February. It may be necessary for you to take on more family responsibility. It would be wise not to underestimate the stress that this puts you under or the degree of tension that comes through increased workload. Through April and the middle of May as you await the result of tests may be particularly stressful. During this period it would be wise to do what you can to ensure that your own physical system is not compromised. Concerns may be raised again between July and September. By early October however it should be clear what needs to and what can be done. Once again, it would be advisable to ensure that you are in as fit shape as possible as you rise to the challenge of looking after others.


The two solar eclipses of 2019 in January and July; respectively in your own sign and its opposite, Cancer highlight the probability of altered family dynamics and your role within the unit significantly changing. Add to this the arrival of Chiron at the very base of your solar chart, and, as has been alluded to earlier, looking after others within the family will likely be high priority. Whether you're assisting someone on their career journey or helping them negotiate a health hurdle, much of what you do might need to be done in the background. Your official role is unlikely to be recognised until December. A critical period, - and especially where property is concerned, seems to be mid-May to mid-August. By then you may well have made significant changes to your environment but yet need to adapt these further to accommodate the needs of someone requiring greater care in 2020.