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Capricorn Outlook 2018


The slower-moving planets and the planetoid, Chiron don't change signs every year. 2018 is remarkable in that Chiron moves into Aries (another of the Cardinal signs) and Uranus moves into Taurus (another of the Earth signs). Ahead of these cosmic rhythm adjustments, Saturn arrives in your sign (at the Winter Solstice in 2017) where it joins Pluto. Obviously these planetary gear-changes affect all signs. You, though, will surely find that others are leaning on you - big time - and that your ability to stay cool, calm, collected, accepting of responsibility whilst also master-minding the building of new foundations, will be put to the test. A pivotal period is the Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th, which coincides with Mars' retrograde station and the Sun's opposition to Saturn (your ruling planet). This is when the burden of responsibility could weigh most heavily and when your particular - and near unique - ability to stay calm under pressure is tested most strongly. The first lunar eclipse of the year (January 31st) looks set to coincide with a financial drama requiring prompt action. A further possibility is that the poor health of a relative will result in you undertaking many short journeys on their behalf through late March and early April. Once Chiron arrives at the base of your solar chart on April 15th, just how much someone is relying on you should be obvious. (A twist on this would be being asked to get involved with a charity project). Uranus (planet of the unexpected), arrives in Taurus on May 15th just as Mars leaves your sign. By then, and considered by some to be 'the' expert, you may be asked to either undertake a trip to train others or to get involved in an educational program lasting through to the New Moon on November 7th. Meanwhile, Mars, turns retrograde and returns to Capricorn between August 13th and September 10th. These weeks could find you returning to a task first tackled in March: likely related to that earlier concern. In giving assistance, you could also spot a gap in the market: a niche to be built on later in the year. Jupiter's presence in Scorpio until November promises benefits through networking. Maintaining contacts and having these in best possible condition before that planet enters your sign in Capricorn, could be 2018's best investment. This though might not be the easiest of challenges as family matters are likely to require particular attention around the solar eclipse on July 13th. These - and property maintenance and repair - will surely limit networking time. Tricky as it may be to accomplish, maintaining those contacts after Venus turns retrograde (October 6th to December 19th) could make a very real difference to your future.


You surely won't be the only sign to 'change horses' in 2018. Your particular expertise is high profile between March 18th and May 15th and again between August 13th and September 10th though from May 15th to the solar eclipse on August 11th you could make unexpected headway. Upheavals and changing needs in the workplace draw attention to your experience. Though you too might need to retrain at some level, you could also be put in the position of guiding others through accelerated developments. A return to a place or to a group you've worked with in the past is suggested after the November 7th New Moon and may be something you consider seriously from Venus' retrograde station on October 6th. Though this may be a step you're reluctant to take, it could be that this would put you in better position for other developments in 2019. Freelance opportunities are suggested throughout 2018. Though again, perhaps not a route you want to follow, keeping these options open could be considered wise given the enormous changes in global structures from now through 2022.


With two solar eclipses (February and August) accenting a financial axis of your solar chart, 2018 promises financial turbulence. In part due to rising interest rates and living costs, the financial affairs of partners and family could similarly prove challenging. Yet your 2018 balance sheet could be just that - balanced, even if subjected to huge swings in both directions during the year. A second revenue stream could make all the difference. Another possibility is being offered, in November, a position that would assist in making up for earlier lost earnings. There is also the possibility of gain through a family business or even a legacy. In the case of the latter, this may be more of a promise than an actuality: the time taken to resolve legalities could be considerable (taking well into 2019).


In a year when Mars retrogrades through your own sign and Venus too has a retrograde period, affairs of the heart are likely to be messy. With Saturn moving through your sign, and if already involved in long-term union, maintaining romantic equilibrium against the background of family and work pressure is unlikely to be easy. If you're relatively foot-loose at the start of the year, perhaps be aware that getting a new relationship off the ground might not be easy. Even so, there is room for optimism. Relationships that survive the turbulence of 2018 really are for the long term. Those that are begun under these configurations are likely stuck with ever-lasting glue. Make the most of special conditions between the August solar eclipse and Chiron's return to Pisces (September 26th) when your heart strings are set to play rich melodies and when a significant other could harmonise with perfect chords.


It's realistic to think that with Chiron (the planet associated with health) arriving at the base of your solar chart, that health will demand more attention in 2018 than it has to date. True, it might not be your own health that's of greatest concern. That said, with so much pressure on you during the year it would be understandable if you became depleted in resources (vitamins and minerals). Making health maintenance a priority and giving this extra attention between March 23rd and April 15th would surely be a useful exercise: leaving you in good condition for the rest of the year.

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