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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 24th October 2021

You'll be far from the only sign feels to have come to the end of a road by Friday. The difference between you and others is that you may feel weighed down by responsibilities and timelines. Note that these are not deadlines which are of course, bad for your health. Yet it might be necessary for you to make clear that certain situations simply cannot continue and agree that there will come a time when issues must be delegated completely to the past. That moment could be scheduled for February. True, mid week it might be advisable to relax a little and accept that design issues are as important as facts and fundamentals. Dovetailing the two may be an issue. A major difficulty may be that a deeply unhappy Leo or Aquarius is so used to the problem, that as yet they can't imagine life without it. Perhaps one of your tasks is to describe what that world would look like.