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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

The Sun reaches the solstice on Friday. That this coincides with Mars and Pluto reaching the equivalent of their Full Moon phase suggests that this particular change of season (the solstice), will have a proud profound effect on all signs. The lead-in to this is interesting: on Monday there is an important Full Moon. Though not exactly aligned with the Galactic Centre, it's sufficiently close to suggest that major events will have ripple effect that lead into intense activity before Friday. That the Moon passes through your sign between the two events suggests you will be caught in the eye of the storm. It may be that others look to you to carry extra responsibility or lead the way. In one sense, this could prove your finest hour. Yet it's also true that you may be dealing with someone (possibly born under the sign of Cancer), whose hold on a project and reluctance to allow others any control whatsoever, is hard to negotiate. Nothing though is impossible and it may be that by listening to their concerns and applying a charm offensive, that you could turn them round to your way of thinking before the weekend.