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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 5th July 2020

This Sunday's Full Moon is the annual one in your sign. Since 2008 this time of year has been especially important for Capricorn. Key decisions need to be made. However, presently Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign and others may not be ready to accept some of your ideas - at least not yet. All will change when Mercury turns directs next week. For now, the focus needs to be on keeping the wheels oiled. The amount of work and ideas coming your way looks to be considerable. And yes, midweek you may need to stand firm as new timelines are put forward. This looks to have been a major issue now for some time. Others may not be giving you sufficient time and space to accomplish tasks to your satisfaction. Making sure that everyone is aware that you have your own personal quality control and that that cannot be compromised could be this week's big theme.