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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 10th November 2019

Whilst it isinadvisable to look at the Sun, those with the right equipment will see that this week, Mercury transits its face. This is something that only happens roughly 13 times in every century. For Capricorns this could mark acceptance of the closing of one chapter and the enormous possibilities of the next. It would be unsurprising if you were actively involved in networking. Indeed, it could be that by reconnecting with those who were once in your industry and who've moved on elsewhere that you realise other options. It isn't necessarily the case that you are ready to change career entirely, but it does appear that by January 2020 when there is a large grouping of planets in your sign, that you will give careful thought as to how you use your expertise. It may be that a skill learnt in one place can be usefully deployed elsewhere. Yes, from Wednesday through to Friday it may seem that you have too much on your plate to give this full attention. Yet it seems the future is beckoning and that a key introduction will be made.