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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

It all starts this week: before the end of August the grouping of planets in another of the Earth signs, Virgo, is considerable. This represents an area of your solar chart that's all about expanding knowledge. Thirst from information will likely be great. Yet yours is a sign that also needs to know how things work practically. And yes, there is a strong possibility that midweek you will be exasperated by those who want things to be done quickly but who don't understand that if the foundations aren't correct, then there is danger of collapse later. So yes, by the weekend you could be accused of being picky. That said, it's likely that many people who want you on their team. Your particular care, control and application will no doubt be much remarked upon. Indeed, it's your utter professionalism -in stark contrast to those who only now realising the need to attend to minutiae - that could result in you being propelled forward.