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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

The week could easily begin with another one of those moments when you need to put your foot down. The Sun's annual opposition to your ruling planet, Saturn, usually marks a day when responsibilities weigh heavily. That this year's aspect coincides with the Moon's move from South to North latitude suggests this might be a time to remember. It may be that others are coming to the end or a conclusion. It's likely too that there is considerable drama in the air. Recall that Mercury, the planet of communication, is passing through one of the Fire signs. Whilst others may have very grand and wonderful ideas as to how they could 'do this show right here on the block', they likely lack both the practical and project management skills necessary to make this happen. This is where you come in. Your thoughtful, careful and professional approach could yet see ideas move from blue sky thinking to success. Expect to be in demand. But note to, that you will likely need time out yourself in the second half of the week to incubate an idea that may have been germinating through the eclipse period between May 26 and June 10.