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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

Mercury is at last in direct motion. Venus though does not return to the retrograde degree until December 17th. Between now and then it's probable you will still be unravelling a mess whose root most likely goes back to late September or early October. The challenge of this might not be at all unappealing. However, whilst all this is going on, it's entirely possible that someone you've worked for in the past will be assessing your availability in 2019. In short, it would be as well not to be too preoccupied with one thing and miss an opportunity elsewhere. Maintaining contact with those you've worked with in the past would seem imperative before Friday as Mercury completes its journey through the networking zone of your solar chart. It's entirely possible that you will be asked to keep an idea quiet at least for the moment. A strong possibility is that a business that has some kind of travel or educational connection will have particular interest in your talents and that it will be suggested that you be available for a meeting after December 17th.