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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

Few would doubt your undoubted leadership qualities. Whether or not these are been put to good use as yet, could be tested over the next few days. There is high probability of you having to step up and show others how to use a technical system with which you are familiar - but perhaps only just. Yes, even you could be technically challenged though you might need to disguise that fact. It's probable though, that others see your presence as invaluable. Indeed, mid week you could be discussing prices or reward. True, for some born under Capricorn this might also be a week for buying and selling large ticket items. At a different level entirely, and perhaps with growing confidence about making long-term plans, you could embark on a property design or amendment that been dreamt of for at least the last 18 months which - with attention to detail - could get underway before July.