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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 15th May 2022

It might help to be aware that not only is Mercury retrograde, but that there is a Lunar Eclipse on Monday. These are arguably not the best comsic conditions in which to begin the working week. The Lunar Eclipse marks an ending. The fact that Mercury is retrograde suggests it might be messy. And yet: A new team are likely to try to pull together as Mars conjoins Neptune. They may be full of grand ideas and designs but lack the expertise to see these through. This is where you come in. You've probably already made a name for yourself in showing professionalism and fortitude. You perhaps need to show a little more of that now. This though, could be regarded as one of your major strengths. Though you might balk at the idea of taking on more responsibility, fact is that you may be best placed to steer a concept through to reality.