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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 26th January 2020

It's still not so many days since Saturn Pluto formed their conjunction in your sign. The reverberations of that heavy duty chord will be felt for some time. For now, you may really need to access the logical part of your brain. It's normal for you to think prudently and cautiously. Now though, you might need to turn down the emotional volume to almost zero whilst you consider your next move. A strong possibility is that you and a co-worker are on completely different flight paths. Adjusting to one another may be super challenging: taking inordinate time and goodwill. Whether or not you have that could be a huge question before the end of January. Yet it's also possible that you will attract a most curious but fascinating offer before the end of the month. This will presumably require you to understand take research and detective work but with your interest piqued prove irresistible.