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Tiger Woods

Time Unknown -Noon chart used
Cypress, California, United States

During the 1950s a French scientist, Michael Gauquelin, conducted a statistical research project into the position of Mars (The Mars Effect) in the birth charts of eminent sportspeople. He found Mars was often angular (in conjunction to the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or IC) although in more cases it was found to be either near the Ascendant or the Midheaven. If you look at Tiger Woods' chart you will see Mars is culminating (near the Midheaven) and he has certainly accomplished a great deal in the world of golf.

Incredibly at only 3 years old Tiger shot a 48 over nine holes and as his coach his father tried constantly to distract him whilst he played in order to teach him to focus on his game. With a Virgoan Ascendant and both the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn he is renowned for being focused as well as disciplined, conscientious, industrious and ambitious. In 2002 he won the US Masters for the third time back-to-back, only the third player ever to do so.

Tiger's Sun has moved (progressed) and over the coming year or so the Sun will be making a truly wonderful aspect to his natal Pluto suggesting he is going to be even more triumphant.