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Capricorn Quarterly

January opens with a solar eclipse in your sign. This very special kind of new moon usually signals a fresh start. Sometimes that's not apparent for a few months after the event. Nevertheless it is important. Recall, that there is not a solar Eclipse in Capricorn every year. When it does happen, it puts the spotlight on you. There is high probability that this will be even greater than usual given that during this quarter of the year both the planetoid Chiron and the planet Uranus change signs. It seems to be the case that whenever any of the slower moving bodies move from one sign to another, that there is a decided change of gear at the social, economic and political level. It doesn't always indicate catastrophe but definite shakeup. Those of your sign who show prudence, cautious and willingness to take the lead will surely be in demand. Given that Chiron will be taking up position at the very base of your solar chart, it may be that it's family matters that have your full attention - at least initially. It's likely too, that paperwork will be messy and require a highly diligent approach before agreement is reached - most likely once Mercury turns direct on March 29. Between March 6th and 29th you could be super busy. It's then though that you could astound others by taking up a position that is non-traditional - and perhpas even arguably political, - but which makes clear that you do have long-term vision and are ready to accept a challenge.

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