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Capricorn Quarterly

With both Jupiter and Pluto continuing their transit of your sign, this should prove another important quarter in terms of building up your profile. These two planets together have a reputation as being wealth builders . However, Saturn has now entered neighbouring Aquarius and you may well be giving thought to investments. Saturn's move, coupled with Venus' extended stay in Gemini, suggests you'll be working hard to build reserves. These need not be purely financial. It is as likely that there will be need to focus on health concerns - not necessarily your own. Assisting someone to attend appointments hospital visits look set to be a feature of this period. Not to be underestimated either, is the potential and continuing effect of Chiron moving through another of the cardinal signs. Your problem-solving abilities will be put to the test again and again but perhaps particularly at the beginning of April and again mid-May. This could bring you into contact with Libra was apparent permanent indecisiveness may be a source of some irritation. On rather more positive note, by the solar Eclipse on June 21 you could arrive at a decision regarding a property matter and which may be driven by developments within the family.

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