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Capricorn Quarterly

When one of the slower moving planets change signs, there is usually a financial ripple if not a great wave. This year, Jupiter moves into neighbouring Sagittarius on November 8th: a day after the New Moon. This could bring to the surface a tidal wave of desire for all signs. You may need to review your asset base and, in particular, improve your savings position. Pension and tax arrangements could have your full attention. You could be given a heads up about the importance of this exercise soon after October 5th when Venus turns retrograde. There might then be signals that a more careful eye needs to be given to your financial cushion. Though work-wise October could prove super-demanding, there is the potential for bonus in the last few days of that month. The same is not true of the last week in November which could prove super expensive. Indeed from the Sun's entry into Sagittarius on November 21th through until Mercury's station on December 7th could prove a super expensive time. With Uranus having returned to the base of your solar chart, it may be that domestic and property issues take on urgency which by its very nature proves expensive. Having dealt with this though, and from December 21st, you could stabilise your position and conclude the quarter having negotiated financial rocks without too much damage.

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