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Capricorn Quarterly

Since mid-May, when Jupiter began its transit over the base of your solar chart, you've no doubt been made acutely aware of what's lacking both at home - in terms of space and at work in terms of opportunity to expand your mind. Thirst for knowledge is likely to increase through to August 20. From then, and until the early part of 2023, Mars moves through the 'worker bee' zone of that same chart. Anticipate an increased workload. It could be that if you show too much enthusiasm pre-August 20, that you will be the one responsible for bringing extra work onto your desk. Your problem-solving activities should bring you to the notice of someone in authority around the July 13th Full Moon: possibly resulting in promotion or new job title. At home, it's likely that between the New Moon on July 28 and August 1 (which is likely to be highly significant date worldwide), the need for home improvements increases. Work could begin but not complete until the early part of next year. This quarter then is likely to be super, super busy. Of course, you might need and desire play and leisure time. Even that could stretch you to the full: focus on travel and how best to negotiate delays taxing even your most practical self.

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