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Capricorn Quarterly

Saturn, your ruling planet, has now returned to your sign and won't leave until December. Meanwhile, Mars has arrived for an extended stay at the base of your solar chart. The two factors together with likely require you to rethink the way in which you operate from home. Family and domestic matters may need urgent attention. Careerwise you might also feel as though a yoke has been placed around you. That burden should be lifted in early September. Before then, involvement in a clearing up operation and assessing what now needs to be done before you can move forward will likely be demanding and yes, at times frustrating. Note that as of September 6th capricorns should feel empowered. Others will doubtless realise just how much they need your skills and expertise and how much time you will need to ensure that what was regarded as super important at the beginning of the year isn't left to rot. Given the pressure headed your way it would surely be a good idea - perhaps as early as late July, - to schedule time to consider long-term plans: particularly what you could and could not achieve in the next 2 to 2 1/2 years.

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