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Orlando Bloom

Time Unknown -Noon chart used
Canterbury England

Orlando Bloom, English actor, got his big break into acting when he appeared in 'The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring' in 2001. With Neptune at the Midheaven (career area) of his chart acting is a good path to follow and at this time transiting Pluto was passing over both his MC and Neptune suggesting a major transformation connected to his career/status.

Orlando 's adoptive father died when he was four. His progressed Sun would have been exactly square Chiron at this time.

His natal Sun trine Jupiter shows up in lots of different ways in his life - he speaks French, he can ride a horse bareback (while shooting an arrow) and he learnt archery - all for Lord of the Rings.

He has 3 'A' levels - in art and sculpture, photography and religious studies. The art and photography are shown by Neptune on the Midheaven, Venus in Pisces and Saturn trine Neptune; sculpture is associated with Saturn/Capricorn and he has his Sun in Capricorn; Religious Studies is Jupiterian.

When he was 21 he accidentally fell three stories and broke his back. Doctors told him he would be unable to walk again but surgery repaired his back and he left hospital within 12 days. Transiting Pluto was semi-square his Sun and this was definitely a near death (Pluto) experience.