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Capricorn Monthly October 2021

October opens with Mercury retrograde at the apex of your solar chart. It doesn't change direction until the night before the Full Moon on October 20. So yes, the first part of the month could be full of irritation when it seems that others are failing to keep promises and/or you have to cope with work-related delays and payments. Yet it may be that you're putting money in the bank for later. After the New Moon (October 6), Venus moves into the 'long-term savings' area of your solar chart, and you could make significant progress in building reserves. The art is likely to not to spend until Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in direct motion just after the Full Moon. There are indicators of you making a sound and substantial investment; most likely as the Sun moves into Scorpio on Saturday 23rd. It's not in your nature to take your eye off the financial ball for long, but perhaps you should mark your diary up the 27th and 28 when there is danger being seduced by an item or service that might not deliver as promised. If you do go ahead with purchase, make sure that you obtain guarantees.

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