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Capricorn Monthly March 2021

Financial turbulence is to be expected. Key dates include Mondays, March 8th and 29th. At the former, echoes of losses experienced around March 9 in other years could be heard. The latter date comes just after an important Full Moon and yes, there may be exaggerated moves linked to that cycle. It should be noted that as of March 4th and until late April, your daily workload could be much increased. Though it might seem that some levels as though you're thrashing about and getting nowhere, (especially between 16th and 21st), it's highly likely that you will land on more than one idea that is worthy of further development. Indeed, by the Full Moon on 28th, self investment could be top priority. Don't underestimate your ability to build a new revenue stream. Recall that Pluto has been moving through your sign since 2008. You now have considerable experience of planting seeds and nurturing them. It's probable that you also have a keen eye for what others have been developing and the potential of these to deliver dividend. It may be that soon after the Equinox, that you are afforded the opportunity to buy in to one of these new and exciting businesses.

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