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Capricorn Monthly April 2019

On the very last day of April, Saturn, still moving through your sign and, after all your ruling planet, arrives at a key station. This could be crunch time. Given that this event occurs not so many days after an alignment of the Sun and Uranus in another of the Earth signs it may be that is during the last eight days of the month, that you agree a deal that has long-lasting financial implications. It may be that you are offered the opportunity to make key investment in a start-up. Whilst the main financial focus is very much at the end of the month, the start is no less significant. You may find that there is far more going out than coming in as is likely to be the case for all signs, and yes, as early as the weekend of 6/7th, you may need to make clear to someone that there are limits to the financial assistance you can give them. Placing curbs, adjusting budgets and making clear where responsibility starts and ends is probable by the First Quarter Moon on April 12th. A twist on this would be to agree with a partner that certain property investments must be carried out in 2019.

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