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Capricorn Monthly August 2018

You may find that there's far more flowing out than flowing in for the first fortnight of August. By the time Mercury stations on August 19th it might even seem that you need to move to action stations to re-stabilise the financial boat. All signs though are affected by this summer of eclipses and with now fewer than 5 planets retrograde for much of August. Yet there's reason to think that you could move to a new financial platform altogether by the Full Moon on 26th. The following day, Mars stations in your sign and from then through the first 10 days of September you could make up for any losses and reposition yourself ahead of the turbulence that may well come with Venus' station at the beginning of October. In short, it appears your financial star is rising and that thoug, there may be difficult moments in the first two weeks of August, that problems can be resolved.

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