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Capricorn Monthly November 2020

Midmonth, and for the final time in your lifetime, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in your sign. View this as a springboard. For the last dozen years, as Pluto has crept through your sign, no doubt you've encountered power struggles and have had to re-evaluate many times your career direction. You would be an unusual Capricorn if you were still in the same position now that you were a decade ago. No doubt your career and finances have gone off on a tangent. This November Mars arrives at its direct station at the base of your solar chart. This is your assets department. Midmonth you need to know exactly where you stand and what is now possible and what is not. Given the new business cycle that begins next month, it is entirely possible that you'll attract an offer that either makes permanent your position or gives you hope for improvement. It would perhaps be wise after the Sun moves into Sagittarius on 22nd, to give thought to long-term savings arrangements, pensions and tax matters. Urgency could be brought home not for a bad reason, but possibly because you haven't yet taken advantage of a scheme that's beneficial.