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Capricorn Monthly November 2018

It seems that when any of the slower moving planets move from one sign to another that this coincides with global financial movement. This happens once a year as Jupiter moves to a new sign. In 2018, Jupiter's move into Sagittarius coincides with both the New Moon and Uranus' return to Aries. This is just the first indicator of a new type of financial wave. A week later on Friday 16th, not only does Venus station at the apex of your solar chart, but Mercury stations just as Mars changes sign and the Lunar Node arrives in your opposite sign of Cancer. The fact that all this happens within the space of a few hours suggest strong crosscurrents which could threaten the most stable of financial ships. In your case, the accent on the very backbone of your solar chart suggests not just a change in career direction, but developments at home. Decisions might need to be taken regarding property management. It would perhaps be advisable to arrange a meeting with a financial adviser before the end of the month. Indeed, in the last week of November as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter align in neighbouring Sagittarius, it would be wise to look at long-term savings arrangements. There might even be a legal component to this. This is not dissimilar to events at the end of 2006. One way or another, and ahead of Jupiter's arrival in your sign this time next year, priority should perhaps be given to creating a financial safety net.

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