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Capricorn Monthly November 2019

Early in December Jupiter arrives in your sign and from then, expenses should increase considerably. Yes, these might all be investment-related and you may be happy with them. Before then it would be wise to take stock. Mercury is retrograde until 21st. This is not a bad thing. It brings with it the opportunity to assess how you've used financial energy. As we know, finance isn't everything but in getting this part of your life in order, you bolster health; physical and spiritual. An important decision could be made before the Full Moon on November 12. Indeed, it's possible that this is linked to an excellent opportunity presenting between 8th and 12th. By the time Mercury reaches that important station on 21st, Mars will also have changed sign. It's then that you could find group discounts or perhaps agree revised costs or payment structures. By the time that Venus reaches your sign on Tuesday 26th, you could be in a quite different financial place and yes, ready to identify investment opportunities that will arrive when Jupiter reaches your sign.

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