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Capricorn Monthly February 2019

All signs should experience a quickening of the financial pace and, at least through until the 14th, the desire to remedy apparent errors from the end of last year. For your part, with Mars transiting the base of your solar chart, focus will likely be on property and domestic matters. This should prove a good month for obtaining estimates. Chiron, (the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus) begins its move across the base of your solar chart this month. That this coincides with the Full Moon in another of the Earth signs suggests that you may feel the need to take control and do what you can to balance a budget. This might not be your own budget but that of a family member. Also high on your agenda - and again from midmonth, - may be the need to improve your financial safety net. It might suit you to arrange a meeting with a financial adviser over the weekend of 23rd and 24th with a view to reducing tax liability. Indeed, discussions about tax and long-term savings arrangements could have your full attention in the last days of February.

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