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Capricorn Monthly January 2020

The extra ordinary alignment of planets in your sign this month is so very different to anything that's gone before though you may have been aware since 2016 that an altered view will be necessary. Yet the time might not be right to either undertake a major investment. Just as you appear to reach the buffers (probably around the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th), you could also be alerted to an opportunity that will arise within the next few weeks. Having cash ready to take advantage of this might then be top priority. Interesting developments around 15th and 16th suggests this should be the optimal time to talk to an expert or obtain estimates. Then there's the promise of other financial excitement over 22nd and 23rd. Once again, you might need time to think long and hard as to whether an investment really is as good as it appears. An esteemed colleague has described 2020 as the 'Year of the Great Financial Reset'. This could be particularly applicable to Capricorn with self-investment being top priority.

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