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Capricorn Monthly June 2019

For the entire month and concluding within hours of the solar Eclipse at the beginning of July, Mars travels through your opposite sign. Depending on your personal commitments, it could feel as though a relative or close partner is spending your hard earned money too freely. True, you may be confident and happy about decisions taken - particularly if these are connected to looking after relatives or protecting your home. Even so, pensions and long-term savings will require particular thought. All signs are likely to tune into long-term needs this month and for this reason, pressure on finding optimal deals on savings and investments will likely be considerable. It may be helpful to be aware that in the days leading up to the solstice on Friday 21st, that you could chance upon an investment opportunity that is built around your expertise. It may be possible to get in on the ground floor of a new project. And yes, you may be right that this will eventually provide you with significant income. Taking time around Tuesday 25th to meet with a financial adviser and assess recent decisions would no doubt be wise. With their assistance, you might also decide to think out of your usual comfort zone and perhaps invest in something overseas.

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