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Capricorn Monthly May 2021

There is an old adage of 'sell in May and go away'. It certainly works well for some markets. May 2021 though is different in that on May 15th, Jupiter makes a brief foray into Pisces (returning to that sign fully at the very end of the year). This should bring complete change in the cosmic weather affecting global finances as much as anything. Jupiter is always 'along for the ride' and in Pisces, that ride includes crypto currencies. Expect a flurry of activity from May 15 through to end July. Of course cryptos have been active already - but expect these to now reach new heights. Your interest in global finance is likely to be heightened by developments in your working scene too. Around the New Moon on May 11th, there may be working opportunities that require you to be more familiar with markets beyond those you are used to working with. At a personal level, renovation or even new build could have your attention. These though should not compromise long-term pensions or savings arrangements. The Lunar Eclipse on May 26 highlights the need to give these attention too. This may be part of the negotiation process involving possible career adjustment due to begin next month after the solar eclipse on June 10th - and so affect your financial situation.

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