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Capricorn Monthly December 2018

Of course December is usually an expensive month when end of year festivities increase expenditure. However, it's not every year that Jupiter passes through neighbouring Sagittarius. This year, as was the case back in 2006, you may find costs are higher than you'd anticipated. Note too, that with so many planets in Water signs until December 12th, that it might be hard for you to control expenses. Particular care might need to be taken around the New Moon on December 7th . That event happens to coincide with Mercury's station. It is arguably not the best shopping day as you may find that you need to return goods a week later. Be circumspect - even if something appears to be a fabulous bargain. A better time is promised between 17th and the Full Moon on December 22nd (which happens to coincide with the solstice). Though true, this could also be expensive period, what you buy might feel to be a good investment. After that date and as for all signs through until the end of the month you may find that travel costs prove to be the greatest drain on resources. Of course, if you're in a position to charge for providing travel for others, then this could send the flow of money in the opposite direction! Whatever, it seems that in the last days of December you'll also give thought to home improvements you want to carry out in 2019 and discuss at length their probable cost.

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