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Capricorn Monthly August 2019

August is often holiday time - yet this is perhaps not always as expensive as it might be in 2019. A large grouping of planets in drama filled Leo may be indicative of costs working against you. Of course you could argue that all this is worthwhile investment: perhaps you do really need a proper break. Be aware that there is a sea change coming - most likely between August 12 and 15th. It's then that you might need frank and open discussion with others as to how deeply you should dip into reserves. By month end focus seems to be on efficiency, long-term planning and might also see your interest in overseas investments peaked. Infrastructure projects could have much of your attention. Nor should Internet and related industries be ignored. Indeed, developments here - perhaps promoting your expertise, - could bring considerable value later. It's worth mentioning that on December 3rd, Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto already in your sign. It seems likely that your star will really truly shine from the end of the year. Investing in a holiday or relaxation in the early part of August followed by investment in extra training, could pay dividends in 2020.

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