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Capricorn Money

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Capricorns are often described as showing a wisdom beyond their years or at the very least as having old heads on young shoulders. It is hardly surprising then that entrepreneurial traits may be displayed at a relatively young age. With a tendency to convey an air of seriousness and/or authority, it is not hard for them to persuade others that their ideas are sound and that the other person should invest in the product or service. Capricorns do not have as much imagination as other signs and their product or service might be described by others as down to earth but reliable. They are unlikely to develop fancy packaging or to spend a fortune on public relations, advertising or marketing. Others would no doubt agree however, that the Capricorn database is kept up to date, that they serve their customers well and that what they miss in finishing touches they more than make up for in pleasant and reliable dealing. Capricorns have total confidence in their ability to take the business from acorn to oak and little difficulty whatsoever in persuading others that this will be the case. Centred, as they are, on the long term goal, they usually achieve it.

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