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Capricorn Money

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It is once their financial base is felt to be sufficiently secure that Capricorns join in the more exciting aspects of the financial world. Investment and, particularly, retirement planning comes naturally to Capricorns and they become interested in long term savings and pension plans relatively early in life. Neither do they necessarily leave the management of their investment to others. As they grow in confidence, they want to manage their own portfolio. Once they have a rudimentary knowledge of how the market works, they are ready to sit down and study the indexes.

Initially they will monitor the share prices of blue chip or well established stocks and make investments in this area. Having a natural affinity with banking, it is probable that they would be drawn to stocks in this area. However, over time, this will not satisfy their craving to experience a little risk. Here, they either study a young company very, very carefully before investing or join venture capital schemes which are government approved and which offer tax advantages which is another way of minimising the risk. Just occasionally however, Capricorns are persuaded to invest in a person who is a long, long way off having their company quoted on the stock exchange. Should they take this route, you can be assured that the Capricorn knows the individual very well and has great confidence in that person's ability to make headway.