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Capricorn Money

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It is not hard to see that Capricorns appear attractive as financial partners, particularly as they grow older. They become financially secure, prudent, astute but, most of all, willing to take the occasional risk which, to Capricorns, is actually an educated gamble. It is important to remember that they are "risk averse" as opposed to "risk takers". Their shrewdness demands that they assess a proposal with careful scrutiny. Should the Capricorn decide to go ahead with a deal, they will also have a time frame in mind and expect to see results by a set date. Should these not be forthcoming, the Capricorn will find a way to break free. Capricorns are drawn to action. They do not like to let life stagnate before them and where finance is concerned, get some thrill from taking a stance which others might see as precarious. This blend of conservative saver and venture capitalist may be hard for others to accept. In financial partnership they value those who comprehend the detail whilst maintaining hold of the long term vision. Even more, they are attracted to a partner who will bring ideas and opportunities to them. Capricorns tend not to mix with the really creative individuals who would benefit from their of backing. Having a partner who can make the introductions is invaluable!