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Capricorn Money

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Capricorns have a willingness to negotiate and accept that meetings and debate are necessary before most deals are struck. They are masters of time and can display extraordinary patience as they take up a position and then wait for the other party to respond. A grim determination comes over them as they await the next move in the game. For Capricorns, there is no need to hurry. 'All things come to he who waits'. Even in appalling conditions and under threat from elsewhere to get a deal signed quickly, they persist in negotiating until a reasonable and fair deal is struck. The fairness of a deal is important to them. They may well want to do business with the person again and need to know that both sides are comfortable with the exchange as a result. Manners are important here too. The Capricorn behaves decorously and expects others to do the same. Deals are confirmed in writing and their word is their bond.

Saving is not at all a difficult concept to the Capricorn. From an early age they respond to the idea of putting aside a proportion of their earnings. Saving, quite simply, feels better than spending. Nor do they need to have a particular objective in mind when they start a savings plan. It is just important to have started the scheme and to know that funds will be available as and when necessary. Setting up a standing order to transfer money from their current account to the savings account presents no problem whatsoever and in time, the Capricorn will increase the amount involved. As in all things, regularity is important. Capricorns enjoy rhythms and patterns and it would be unthinkable for them to miss a payment unless absolutely necessary. The Capricorn is attracted to the idea of National Savings or Bonds and is not troubled by the idea of having funds tied up for long periods of time. What this means, of course, is that Capricorns build up a considerable capital base which then offers the opportunity for them to make different types of investment later on.

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