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Capricorn Money

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Capricorns enjoy the feel of cash. It acts as a padding or security blanket around them. One could be assured that if they had a cash empty wallet or purse, this would be made up for by plentiful credit cards. However, it is the feel of cash that warms them most - specially notes or bills of high denomination. Their purse or wallet is kept neatly with large denominations kept separately to ones of lower value . Their preference is for new, crisp notes. Respect for cash comes naturally to them and older notes and bills are smoothed out carefully to make them look as new. Nor do they overlook coins of small value. Even these are treasured and perhaps even hoarded. They know that there will come a time when there are enough of them to exchange for a new note.

In their spending habits, Capricorns have their own quality control management and are unlikely to make frivolous purchases. Others might almost think that they are mean. This is not the case at all - it is simply that they are not at all wasteful, preferring to see themselves as thrifty. They do not just visit old, well established firms for their shopping but have a decided preference for those shops which show a commitment to long term trade. This is a form of guarantee to the Capricorn who needs reassurance that someone will be there to assist them at a later date should the goods be found faulty. Capricorns purchase for the long term and would prefer to save up for the best. This is not always practical and being practical matters to the Capricorn. An expedient purchase will be one which meets practical requirements and which will retain some modicum of value. As the time approaches when they can afford to replace the item with something of better quality, they will hope to regain some of their initial 'practical' investment.

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