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Capricorn Love Friday 24th January 2020

If you've been on the romantic ropes, that situation is set to change. As of the beginning of next week, Venus and Mars arrive their next quarter phase. View this as an injection of energy. Yes, it could take a few days yet to heal a partnership if it's not in good condition. However, if you are seeking you encounters, the vibration around you will surely attractive. True, for some this may be more than they need presently! Recall though that it's not so long since Saturn aligned with Pluto in your sign. This heavy planetary cloud should be viewed as a storm that is only now clearing. Attention might need to be given to your general well-being before you can really enter into partnership. That said, it wouldn't be so surprising if you enjoyed a romantic encounter in the middle of next week; one where it's made clear that someone has been truly thinking about you and your needs.