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Capricorn Love Friday 18th September 2020

In so many respects this has proved a difficult year. This weekend may be no exception. Indeed, at one level you could feel as though you're stuck. Words like emotional stagnation seem appropriate. It doesn't help that Mars is now retrograde at the very base of your solar chart. You might wonder what on earth you could have done differently to make life better. Note though that soon after Tuesday's Equinox, the Moon arrives in your sign. It's then that you could seize the reins. True, there are still battles to be won. Persuading someone that they don't need to be in a rut (and that includes persuading yourself), could prove quite a challenge. Nevertheless, as Venus, the planet of love and harmony moves into aspect with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, next Friday, you could yet break out of any doldrums.