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Cancer Yearly 2019

Another year of upheaval and chaos - but not a repeat of 2018. True, until Uranus makes Taurus ingress on March 6th, reflecting on last year's events will likely dominate. Yet it ought not to be too hard to see evidence of developments that promise excitement - even if they also bring increased workload. 2019 will likely be marked by greater involvement with groups or associations (and yes, these could have a political edge). Family matters are always important to those of your sign but in 2019 could take a dramatic though not unexpected turn. Taking increased responsibility for someone of another generation seems likely. For a few Cancers (and obviously much depends on your personal chart), this will likely be a year of commitment in the form of marriage or business partnership. With a solar eclipse in your sign in July, expect too to be at the heart of a drama that puts you in the position of offering protection to someone who seems unable to look after themselves (and gives you the opportunity to show the best of you).


Your career could go off at entirely new tangent in 2019. Uranus' arrival in Taurus on March 6th should be viewed as a game changer. Over the last seven years you've likely built a solid reputation for coming in at the last moment and retrieving situations that seemed lost. Now, though you might wish for time off for good behaviour, it's probable that there will be scramble by others to get you on to their team. Those people are likely right in deducing that there's much you could teach others (and a career in this area could beckon). From mid May and through to early July a project should have your full attention. True, for some this may be related to home project management (building works). Yet it may be that you're asked to take charge of another time-limited task (to be completed by late July) and that would make excellent use of your organisational talents. It's during that last quarter of the year that a business proposal seems set to dominate your waking thoughts. Ahead of Jupiter's arrival in your opposite sign on December 3rd, plans for a new venture could be put in motion ready for launch in 2020.


The global financial winds change direction in 2019 and are likely to be decidedly chilly by the middle of the next decade. Attention must be given to long-term security. This is rarely a difficulty for those of your sign who are permanently attuned to the need for safety nets. Given the high probability of developments in both your career and, if you're in partnership your significant others' finances, it would be as well to anticipate unsteady income especially after Uranus changes signs in early March. Given that property and family will also require considerable expenditure in 2019, placing safeguards at the beginning of the year between the Solar and Lunar eclipses of January 6 and 21st would be wise. You could also take time during February to create a budget within which there is a good but high - say 20% emergency fund. Travel or vehicle costs may also be high in April and May. Whilst these are probably unavoidable costs, they may also be just the first of a whole series of emergency demands on your savings to be dealt with. Indeed, it could be November before you feel to have arrived at any kind of financial stability. All this said, the opportunities for expansion - most likely through partnership - should be given careful consideration in the last quarter of the year. Despite all the challenges of 2019, after Jupiter arrives in your opposite sign on December 3, there is always the possibility of rebalancing the books before year-end.


The solar eclipse in your opposite sign on January 6th is the first indicator that this year will see new partnerships developing. True, these could as easily be work as romance-related. Romantic possibilities though seem plentiful. It's interesting that on Valentine's Day 2019, Mars moves into Taurus. For you, this could mark the start of several weeks of high romantic activity. Another promising period is July 2nd through to the Full Moon on August 15th. And then there's later in the year from October 4th through to November 19th . Each of these time periods affords the opportunity to engage at deepening romantic level. For commitment and making future plans, it's after Jupiter arrives in your opposite sign on December 3 that action is most likely.


For one year in every 12, particular attention to daily routines and health management is never far from the top of the priority list. Whether you have concerns about a family member or your own physical health, it will likely be necessary to factor in regular medical appointments. Given that this same year should find your workload increasing, your diet might also need to be adjusted. The benefits of detoxifying should be made clear - especially as Mars travels through your sign between May 16th and end June. Chiron's arrival in Aries suggests that you might also need to give attention to head-care (eyes especially but not ruling out dental work). These tasks might best be tackled in January or between August 21st and September 22nd.


With both Saturn and Pluto moving through your opposite sign, the needs of another generation take priority. This may be of particular concern as Mars moves through your sign between mid-May and late June but ought not to be viewed as a negative. It may be - and especially for those dealing with the younger generation,- that you are made aware of a talent or potentially all-consuming passion and the need to find the right tutoring for it to develop. This may be something that becomes high priority after Jupiter reaches Capricorn on December 3rd. House maintenance and indeed, extension and repair may also be features of 2019. Yes, a few born under Cancer will consider moving. It's perhaps more likely - and especially for those who feel nested already, - that a makeover is undertaken. Whilst this would undoubtedly be a drain on resources, it may be that this would also be a safe and secure family investment.