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Cancer Yearly 2022

Have you become the go-to person for everyone else's problems? Chiron continues its slow journey over the apex of your solar chart and it could easily feel as though you've become a company or people doctor. This shouldn't be viewed as a negative. Indeed, it may prove a key part of your career journey. At another level it seems likely that you will be dealing with health issues - not just at work, - but also at home. Indeed, this could be the background to the year. There are no eclipses in your sign in 2022, but you could yet be effected by an important lunar eclipse in November. This one seems likely to coincide with a major event that requires you to access all your nurturing and yes, crisis management abilities, but sets the stage for you taking on highly prominent role as Mars moves through your sign in 2023. In 2022, Jupiter spends much of the year in another of the Water signs, Pisces - most likely bringing increased contact with those who work in the field of higher education, or who have international status. Though travel may have been limited in recent years, it still seems likely that others will be reaching out, and finding ways in which you can work together. All of this is highlighted around your birthday period. Although much depends on the actual date of your birthday, it does seem that you'll spread your wings in 2022 and close the year with a flourish.


You may know that it takes Jupiter roughly 12 years to move through the zodiac. Although the cosmos never does exact repeats, there are similarities between 2022 and 2010 - the last time that Jupiter passed through Aries and reached the all-important career zone of your solar chart. If that year brought much excitement and yes, possibly delivered new people into your world, variations are probable in 2022. Jupiter though appears to get stuck on the 8th degree of that sign. This is a singularly important degree. If your birthdate is within 48 hours of July 1, this suggests many eyes will be on you - especially when Venus aligns with this degree on July 25. Careerwise, all Cancers could secure major role.


With the extra responsibility likely to come your way with these career developments, your financial status should be significantly altered. An investment made in February might not pay off for a couple of years, but eventually prove shrewd. Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 and doesn't return to its retrograde station degree until June 18. It turns retrograde again on September 10 returning to that degree on October 16. Through both periods, you could find your financial situation significantly challenged - with promised cash not flowing in and instead, flowing in the opposite direction. Nifty financial footwork will no doubt be required. Investment-wise and noting the Lunar Eclipse that may well coincide with a fall in equity prices in November, you could seize bargains: closing the year having re-ordered your financial situation and with improvement in the condition of your nest egg.


On April 12th, Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces. This is viewed as a romantic combination. Of course, it affects all signs - and isn't necessarily indicative of bringing Cancers something particularly special (though obviously much depends on your personal chart). Yet most people will be craving something super, super special and magical. Tuned into that vibration, it should be easier to attract it. Certainly, as Jupiter moves over the apex of Cancer's solar chart, the need to relate and to build on unions will be considerable. Arguably the optimum time would be as Venus moves through your sign between July 18 and August 11, and later in the year as that planet moves through the 'affairs of the heart' sector between October 23 and November 15. A particularly special time would seem to be at the end of November when a major decision about your life path and yes, your career and finances, affects a close partnership and brings the two of you closer together.


As outlined in the general section, it may not be your own health that is of greatest concern but that of a family member. Their challenges could lead you to feeling overstretched - especially after Jupiter turns retrograde on July 29. It's arguably imperative that in the first few months of the year you do what you can to boost your nervous system. Think carefully about your diet and undertake essential checkups (preferably before the Sun reaches 8° Aries at the end of March. Ensuring that you're in good physical condition at the start of the year should make it easier to handle any pressures later.


There is the potential for expansion of the family in 2022, but property matters too could have your attention. Jupiter crosses the backbone of your solar chart and the desire to expand your world or to see a different perspective will be great. For some this could manifest as putting in new windows: for others it's about building an extension and for others, it's about a major property move. As you might expect, it all depends on your personal chart. Whatever, by early April you can expect activity in this area, and for these developments to prove one of the most exciting and memorable developments of 2022.

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