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Cancer Yearly 2020

In 2020 there is considerable planetary attention in your opposite sign of Capricorn. That suggests relationships will be much in the spotlight. The lunar eclipse on January 10th could find you confronting difficult issues - most likely family related. Indeed, these could dominate the first half of the year until the Lunar Node leaves your sign in late June. Between February 16th and end of March developments in both colleagues' and partner's working lives will likely have much impact on your own. In giving so much thought to others, it might seem that there is little time to give your own developing interests as much attention as you would like. Fighting for space to consider opportunities between mid-May and late June could prove challenging. Yet it's possible that you've already laid the groundwork: initiatives taken since 2013 should now reach their next stage. Yes this might require repair and attention between September 10th and mid-November. It's probable though, that you're shifting career direction and that by early 2021 all will be clear as to where you are now headed.


It's probable that your career has already taken on a fresh momentum and direction. January could find you determined to make the most of recent gains. Yet you could reach buffers in mid-February. The needs of partners and colleagues might then need to take precedence. You might also feel cash-strapped from mid-May until late June. These though are challenges you can overcome. The big news is that the solar eclipse at 0 Cancer is followed just a few days later by Mars' arrival at the apex of your solar chart where it stays into 2021. You'd be an unusual Cancer if you didn't then make real career progress. True there will be challenges between mid-September and mid-November. Yet it's during the second half of 2020 that you could make the most of the many contacts you've made since 2013: discovering in the process that you are now seen as an expert and force to be reckoned with.


An esteemed colleague has described 2020 is the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. They're probably right in that there is much to suggest that this will be a year of global financial upheaval. Those of your sign have a reputation for good husbandry and this talents will need to be put to good use. Indeed, in practising thrift management in January you could build a useful cushion that's much appreciated during Venus' retrograde period from mid-May to late June. You could however make considerable gain between late June and mid-September. Once again the art is to ensure that a safety net is left intact. It's probable that during the last quarter of the year you will find it imperative to self invest. In this you may not be at all wrong. By the time that Jupiter conjoins Pluto in your opposite sign mid-November, you could also form a business partnership or alliance that moves you to new financial platform by the solstice on December 20th.


As you might expect from a year when there's so much attention on your opposite sign, relationships should be high profile in 2020. That said, both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods suggesting that all might not run smoothly. Greatest difficulties or challenges are likely to be felt in January when there is both a Lunar Eclipse in your sign followed by a rare alignment of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in your opposite sign, Capricorn. Necessary repair work on an existing relationship can begin in earnest mid-February. In terms of attracting new love interest, April and May show considerable promise though it's likely that any new partnership will gather best momentum in July and August. Yet even those in the strongest partnerships could feel that they are pulling against one another mid September to mid November - though all could yet be well by the time Jupiter and Pluto align in your relationship sector mid-November. From then through to the end of the year, - whilst not being entirely plain sailing, there is much to suggest that a partnership will be exactly that - with you both agreeing to give whatever investment is needed to keep it on track.


An interesting feature of 2020 is the attention you might give to career-health. If you're not happy at work, clearly that has a knock-on effect in other areas of your life. Yet you may be as concerned about the health of those you're working with. Assisting them on their career journey could be both exhilarating but yes, at times draining, especially during Mercury's retrograde periods from mid-February to March 10 and again between June 18 and July 12 and perhaps again from October 14th to early November. As you may know, each sign of the Zodiac is associated with an area of the body. Cancer is associated with the digestive system. Given the enormous pressures that could come your way during 2020, your dietary requirements will likely require particular attention. Do ensure that you get an adequate mineral intake. Your nerves may be stretched - particularly whilst Venus is retrograde between May 13 and June 25. Ensuring before then - and with the advice of an expert - that you have adequate magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium levels could be considered insurance.


You would be an unusual Cancer if family matters didn't dominate in any year. In 2020 though these may of be paramount concern. Until the Lunar Node moves out of your sign at the end of June, anticipate these matters to dominate. Note too, that during Mars' retrograde period (between mid-September and mid-November) that once again your services may be required. Just as was the case during 2019, the needs of those of another generation will likely need to take priority. And yes, this will surely have impact both on your career and your finances. Yet Jupiter's transit of your opposite sign suggests that your world could expand as much as it contracts. It's even possible that before the end of the year you will be welcoming someone new into the fold. This need not be a baby. In fact, the indicators are that it will be two families coming together that excites you.

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