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Cancer Outlook 2018


You could earn you the title of Chief Problem Solver by the end of 2018. True, you might think you have that job title already! There are though more challenges ahead. The solar eclipse in your sign on July 13th is part of a rare formation and indicates probable upheaval - which may be a good thing. Like a planet that's outgrown its pot, you may be ready to move on. Though it could be early 2019 before you feel the full effect, developments taking place between the July eclipse and the next, on August 11th, promise excitement and challenge. Another significant event is Chiron's move into another of the Cardinal signs, Aries, and its arrival at the apex of your solar chart. Viewed as the planetoid problem-solver, this ingress could find you addressing long-standing family issues as well as contemplating career change that would allow you to make more of your considerable talent and experience. For many this will include working for or with charities or community projects. This potential is highlighted during Mercury's retrograde period from March -April when developments may be initially confusing and then fast developing. It would be understandable if you were apprehensive or even nervous about these changes. Yet by the solar eclipse in August, more than one new connection you might agree has been beneficial and enriching. A solar eclipse in your sign also signals developments within the family. There is strong possibility of you reconnecting and learning more about the past - uncovering treasures in the process and being reminded of latent talents passed on from earlier generations. This could be one of the greatest realisations and gifts of your year.


Both Mars and Venus have retrograde periods in 2018. Between May and August concern as to how a partner is coping with changes in their working pattern could affect your romantic life. Planning time-out together after the August solar eclipse to reconnect and recharge might be a sound plan. Venus turns retrograde in another of the Water signs on October 6th. From then through to early December should be considered a delicate time for romance. Jealousy is an uncomfortable emotional but all too apparent through these weeks. It may be that you are part of a strong union and that what you negotiate through these weeks proves to be empowering before the year comes to a close. For those seeking romance, it might be as well to be prepared for choppy waters and for a relationship to go through 'on-off' periods before reaching calmer conditions after December 6th.


Your career could take an entirely different direction in 2018. By early March - and yes, after probable upset around the lunar eclipse on January 31st, it should be clear that you are particularly suited to one kind of role and unsuited to another. The need to position yourself to make the most of an opportunity that develops during April suggests the need to review your CV. You could do this whilst Mercury is retrograde (March 23rd to April 15th) and then take active steps to build connections. A strong possibility is being attracted to work either within a health organisation or charity. Another option is being drawn to a 'working investment': where you partner with someone whose ideas and plans you sense will pay dividends within a couple of years but who is presently working on a shoe-string budget. It would be unsurprising if by the July solar Eclipse you had two distinct revenue streams in operation. As you know, yours is one of the Cardinal signs and you are at your best when put in charge. Yet it's perhaps also true that you like to be looked after. So, part of you wants to be an entrepreneur and the other prefers the security of employment. In 2018, both sides of you could be accommodated though by November finding extra hours in the day to keep all balls in the air will surely be a challenge. Yet having negotiated a few weeks of difficulty, and from December 6th, you could pick up career-speed secure in the knowledge that the best in you is on display.


Your sign is known for good husbandry and thrift management - though it might not always seem that way, as you do have expensive tastes and have been known to break agreed budgets! Several times in 2018 it may be necessary for you to tighten your belt. With the high probability of rising costs and interest rates and, perhaps difficulties in your working scene, the need to manage on less is more likely than not. This could be the driver behind the development of a second revenue stream between May and the July solar eclipse. It's possible too that involvement in family matters will bring a financial lifeline just when it's needed. Growing concern about long-term investments, pensions and savings plans will probably warrant contact with financial advisers. Doing this before Venus turns retrograde on October 6th could be viewed as a pre-emptive strike. With that support and harnessing yet more of your inherent financial acumen, the potential to create bonuses or build up future reward should increase from mid-November.


Worry is perfect fodder for dis-ease. As it seems likely that during several pockets of the year that concern could destabilise you emotionally, it's perhaps more imperative than usual that you put health maintenance at the forefront of your daily schedule. This should be easier to achieve after Chiron makes Aries ingress in March. Improving personal fitness takes top priority between then and May 15th. From that date it's all about maintaining this revised schedule or diet so that by the solar eclipse in your sign on July 13th, you have the stamina to cope with any dramas at work or at home. It might be wise to arrange a check-up in September ahead of Venus' retrograde period: again just to ensure that you are in peak condition for whatever pressures might cause anxiety levels to rise.

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