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Cancer Weekly Sunday 19th August 2018

In the days leading into next Sunday's Full Moon, you could be at your administrative best. Planning, scheduling and generally being organised should suit you well. True, you might also need to deal with the unexpected or at least assist someone (a Capricorn or someone from another generation) negotiate change. This development may be quite different to what they'd anticipated. Yet it could work both in their favour and yours. There is even the possibility of having something to celebrate. Certainly, by next weekend you could be dealing with those working - either in further education or who have considerable overseas connection. One way or another, it seems your world is set to expand. It would be as well to bear in mind that next Monday, 27th, Mars arrives at its station. This is a hugely significant event. It may be that those returning to their desks from long breaks away, come back with renewed vigour - demanding more of you, but likely also alerting you to a career opportunity.