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Cancer Weekly Sunday 17th March 2019

Yes,there is a Full Moon this week and yes, you could be overly emotional. This particular Full Moon coincides with both the Equinox and with Venus and Mars arriving at their Last Quarter phase. This is likely to be a very important time for all signs. You may remember however that Saturn, the planet associated with anchoring and stability is presently travelling through your opposite sign. The good news from this is that there may well be several people ready to steady you. Your particular expertise could yet be put to good use. It's highly likely - given the upciming Solar Eclipse in your sign in July, that at some point in the coming months, that your career will go off in fresh direction. Just how great that change will be may be obvious by next weekend. Do remember that Mercury is still retrograde until 29th, and that there are likely matters for others to resolve before they can give you the green light. This marginal delay should work to your advantage, giving you time to clear space for the undoubted challenges headed your way.