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Cancer Weekly Sunday 12th July 2020

Mercury has now turned direct in your sign. Hopefully within days you will feel stronger. Yet there is a difficulty: the Sun and Mercury are at one end of the sky as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are grouped at the other, whilst Mars takes up position between. Think of Mars as the referee. The fact that Mars is passing over your solar-career point, suggests decisions will need to be taken if you're to push forward with your aims and objectives. But yet, at one level you could be disappointed: restraints could appear daunting. But if anyone can do this, you can. The danger however, is that colleagues and those working close to you (indictaed by all that activity in your opposite sign), could wear you down - demanding more than you are able to give. Take care that you don't accept too much responsibility. For now, the focus must be on pushing ahead with some of the ideas you've been incubating. Now that the nodal axis has moved out of your sign, it's time to explore the many options available.