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Cancer Weekly Sunday 28th February 2021

It may be that you're headed toward a work crisis. And yes, at one level you could argue you've been in that crisis mode for months. It seems though, that you are now approaching a very definite turning point. You now know whose information you can trust and more importantly, the information that you can impart that has real value. Excitement levels should rise in the early days of March: prompted by the discovery that you've grasped new technology in a way you had never anticipated. Indeed, you may have been resistant to those ways of working, but now find that they ease your path. It's probable too, that someone older, and who has run out of energy, now sees that they could delegate responsibility safely to you. It wouldn't be so surprising if they asked you to write something: possibly in the form of an instruction manual. If that's too grandiose, then it may just be a simple text. One way or another though, the impact the words you use has on the way in which you assist others to absorb information, should have real and valuable impact.