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Cancer Weekly Sunday 9th May 2021

As viewed from Earth, all the regular planets presently seem contained within 180. Many people will feel trapped yet also aware that half of their life is as yet lacking or missing in some way. That situation will change, - but not immediately. For now, those of your sign are perhaps best placed to cope. Though others will surely be full of excitement and anticipation following Tuesday's New Moon, and perhaps unconsciously aware that Jupiter changes signs at the end of the week, you may be one of the people they turn to: sensing that doors will soon open and that they are not yet prepared. This, of course, applies to you too. Soon you may be regarded as the 'expert' or their guide. To make the most of this week's energies, you should perhaps give thought to your online image and your CV generally. You perhaps need to accent the fact that you have a gift for husbanding resources and building confidence.