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Cancer Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

With both Venus and Mercury moving across the apex of your solar chart, the need to push your career forward will surely be strong. It's entirely possible that others are talking about you and your many talents. A launch or redesign, could occur mid week. In this, you may have reason to be grateful to someone you've worked for in the past and who is more than happy to sing your praises and gve your career the push you feel it needs. Meanwhile, those in partenrship, may find that their partner is similarly venturing into new waters. Given that Uranus has only recently change signs (and recall, that this isn't something that happens every year and everyone is getting used to a new vibration), it's highly likely that there will be an interest in new ideas, new projects and new ways of working. Those who cling onto the past will not fare so well. In this particular instance, your ideas may seem like a breath of fresh air. Anticipate that not only could you achieve considerable success mid week, but even by the weekend, that others may be trying to copy some of your concepts and style.