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Cancer Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

By next weekend Venus will have stationed at the base of your solar chart. Hopefully, by then a routine will be on the way to being established. Note that the accent is still very much on 'on the way'. As Venus stations, Mercury turns retrograde and some adjustments will likely need to be made yet again. It might seem as though your workload simply cannot get any bigger. It can. But it can also be streamlined. The art especially over Tuesday and Wednesday is to make clear boundaries. Next weekend too, the Moon's Node arrives in your sign and will be there for the next 18 months. The need to hunker down and nest will likely take on a different kind of momentum. What others propose is a logical development of your career in the first half of this week - but which you feel is simply not an option presently, could yet become so. Once Mars arrives in the Water sign of Pisces next Friday, your ability to juggle time will surely be enhanced.