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Cancer Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

The week begins with a Full Moon (and yes, there is the potential for you to oevr-react to events and need extra time out to process). It concludes with the solstice when the Sun enters your sign. This event coincides with an opposition of Mars (in Cancer) to Pluto suggesting that this birthday period will be marked by dramatic events. True, these could be proeprty related. It's eprhpas as likely that family matetrs will demand extra attention with you called in to referee a situation that looks to be self-sabotaging those involved. All this ahs the potential to damage career development. Indeed, you might even wonder if you need to turn down a potential advancement. The art may be to defer any major decisions until after the coming eclipses (July 2 and 16). Support for this plan of action could come from a Capricorn who udnerstands exactly your position and how much you are juggling.