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Cancer Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

You could feel both financial and peer pressure at the start of this week. It might also seem that there is so much chatter going on in the background - mostly about what could happen, but very little about what will happen. By the time that the Moon reaches your sign on Thursday, you could indeed be exasperated. It is possible that others are waiting for you to take the lead. That may not be something you're willing to do - except if you're involved in the theatre or arts. Don't be surprised either if you're drawn into a political skirmish. Resolving that issue is perhaps not something can be done quickly, and could take some weeks. Whilst all this might sound as though the week is challenging, you could also make some useful contacts and help steer Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius colleagues in new direction. Whilst they may be resistant to change, in months to come they are likely to be super grateful for your support. This activity might not be without humour either. In fact, the zaniness towards the end of the week will surely offset any heaviness at its start.