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Cancer Weekly Sunday 20th January 2019

You will likely feel more at ease once Monday's lunar eclipse is out of the way. You've presumably been waiting for others to declare exactly where they stand. As of Tuesday, the amount of work headed your way offers a different kind of challenge. Now you know exactly how much you could or should have on your plate. Exciting as all this may be - and it's entirely possible that you've now attracted conditions that will bring out the best in you, - it would be understandable if you felt totally overwhelmed. Maintaining control of administration will likely test your organisational abilities to the full. Don't underestimate this talent as over Wednesday and Thursday and the very early part of Friday, your ability to pull together the different threads needed in order to launch something (presumably next month) though true, requiring extra diligence and perhaps long hours, may be exactly the kind of challenge you want to embrace in 2019