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Cancer Quarterly

Daily costs are set to rise considerably from Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius on November 8th. That event coincides with Uranus slipping back into your career zone. Unexpected developments are likely and in the short term could prove costly. Longer term these may be sound investments. Before that, on October 5th, Venus turns retrograde in another of the Water signs. It may be time for you to consider self investment; focusing on talents first displayed in childhood. The need to augment income or even find a second revenue stream might in part be due to developments in a financial partner's life that threaten destabilisation. Before the end of October it should be clear that you need to think differently. It's around that time, - and prior to Jupiter's Sagittarius ingress that you could give serious thought to property matters. It might be wise to use this period and through until Mercury station on the vendor 17th to assess fundamentals before parting with cash. The history of the 20th century shows that in the year before a Jupiter Pluto conjunction (which occurs in 2019), that there is often a financial hiatus. This could come in the very last days of November and be deeply upsetting for all signs. It's for this reason that it would be wise to consider very carefully before making any large purchases or investments however tempted in November. Whilst this quarter looks as though it will be exceptionally volatile, it's interesting to note that within days of the solstice on December 21st that you could find items and services at bargain prices thus ensuring that you close the year feeling more confident about financial matters generally.

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