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Cancer Quarterly

By the end of this quarter, you could feel as though your world has been turned upside down. It is most unusual for two of the slower moving planets or planetoids to change signs within the space of three months. The first of these is the planetoid Chiron which moves into another of the Cardinal signs, Aries, mid-February. That's followed on Marcyh 6th by Uranus making its final entry into Taurus. That event coincides with Mercury turning retrograde and could yet prove a key date for many. Yet the whole quarter is led by a solar eclipse in your opposite sign of Capricorn. It may well be that it's decisions made by others, that determines the change of pace. It's entirely possible that for much of 2018 you were flirting with the idea of changing career direction. With Chiron's arrival at the apex of your solar chart mid-February, this takes on new impetus. You may find that others want your problem-solving abilities. Networking will surely be vitally important. In the period when Mercury is retrograde (between March 6th and 29th), much could be achieved. Perhaps more than any other sign, you understand what makes others feel secure. Putting in place safety nets, and assisting others on their career journey, could actually make quite a difference to your own plans. Indeed, one of the many blessings of this first quarter of the year, is that you'll see opportunities which have perhaps been there for some time, but which like low hanging fruit, are ready to be plucked.

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