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Cancer Quarterly

This quarter is dominated by three significant cosmic events: firstly there is the Solar Eclipse in your sign and on a world axis point on June 21. The effects of an eclipse can be felt many months ahead. This Eclipse always did signal dramatic events on the world stage. It may be no less significant at a personal level. Saturn plays major role too: it is now left your opposite sign and for a few months is in Aquarius before returning to Capricorn. You may yet become involved with issues of legacy, inheritance and yes, investment matters. Saturn is often deemed the 'cosmic headmaster' and this could prove a tough learning curve. That possibility is underscored by Venus' arrival in neighbouring Gemini on April 4. It's extended stay there until early August obviously affects all signs, but in your case draws attention to reserves of all kinds. Spiritually this will likely be a demanding period. You may yet need to reassess your beliefs. At the practical level it might also be wise to review savings plans and health insurance.

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