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Cancer Quarterly

Yours is a sign noted for being canny. You can practice thrift management and raise it almost to an art form. That may be made necessary as a change of financial pace develops during July. By the time Mercury turns direct on July 12th however, and true, likely having negotiated better terms between 14th and 20th, you could move into a new financial stream altogether. Yes there may be difficult news to incorporate around Monday 20th and yes, you might feel financially bruised and battered as a result. By the time Venus reaches your sign on August 8th however - and following on from a significant Full Moon on Aug 3rd, you'll likely be thinking creatively again and seeing ways in which you could capitalise on gains already made. Note that for this quarter and next, Mars moves over the apex of your solar chart. It would be understandable if you were thinking about major property developments. Financing these might require an approach you haven't so far considered. Between September 6 and 26 these plans should move forward swiftly.

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