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Cancer Quarterly

As of mid-May Jupiter began a transit of the career zone of your solar chart: an overture to its longer stay from Dec 21st into 2023. No doubt already new opportunities are apparent. Expect, especially at the Full Moon on July 13, to have increased responsibility. Anticipate too, that your network will expand greatly most probably at the very end of July and into the first few days of August. There could be a political edge requiring you to take sides. This could prove uncomfortable. As important is what occurs after August 20 through to the early part of 2023 when Mars moves through neighbouring Gemini. You may find that there are advantages to investing in your home improvements - even if this means drawing on savings. This venture will require considerable energy especially around September 10th when someone who's promised to do a job for one price, says it that has increased. Negotiation will be necessary and could leave you at odds with an Aries or Virgo who is sure you could have done things differently.

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