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Cancer Monthly November 2019

Until November 19th, Mercury is retrograde in the risk and speculation area of your solar chart. What this suggests is that you are likely to be in the mood to do research and work out the best deals on offer could do for you. This may be particularly true around the Full Moon on November 12. Giving attention to insurance and pension arrangements would surely be wise. You may also find that there are some excellent deals to be found between 8th and 15th. During this same period it's possible that the value of something you already own will increase significantly. The decision might then need to be taken as to whether or not you continue to hold this or out it up for sale. Indeed, an adviser might advise you to free yourself of this responsibility. Venus' arrival in your opposite sign from 26th, suggests the potential for financial partnership to be discussed with a long-term savings or property investment plan part of this equation.

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