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Cancer Monthly April 2020

As viewed from Earth, and most unusually, all the planets are moving forward at least until 26th when Pluto turns retrograde in your opposite sign. As you might imagine, forward motion usually means activity and progress. Fewer hold-ups is a good thing. That said, Venus moves into your neighbouring sign, Gemini on 4th - and for an extended stay. It's probable that decisions taken in the early part of April will come back for review and things won't move forward fully until after the solstice on June 21. Venus' annual journey through Gemini is usually very good for Cancer savings. Certainly, and although the cash flow could be fast and furious between 4th and 10th, you will surely be mindful of the need to build or improve a safety net. This could be made imperative around the Last Quarter Moon on April 14th when adjustments in a financial partner's affairs requires the two of you to review outgoings - though there is the possibility of short-term financial gain around 26th.

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