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Cancer Monthly January 2020

Negotiating the lunar eclipse in your sign on January 10 could yet prove expensive. That event is followed by the very rare alignment of Saturn and Pluto in your opposite side of Capricorn. You could come to the end of a business partnership. Yet this might also be the beginning of the next. Certainly, January looks as though it will be a tough month financially for all signs. True, this is normal for this time of year. 2020, looks though as it will be a little different with many people feeling the need to practice austerity and to cut back severely. Whether this is driven by the need to look after the planet better or because there's simply not enough cash for certain items, fact is that all signs will be surely be rethinking their financial management. Cancer has a superb reputation the thrift and management. When you have to manage on less you can. You might arrive at that conclusion midmonth because you recognise the need for a major investment later in the year. This though, will likely require cooperation. In fact, one of the major themes of January could be entering into fresh financial partnership.

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