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Cancer Monthly June 2019

Early next month there is a solar Eclipse in your sign. That event may be triggered by Mars' passage over this eclipse degree at the beginning of June. Simultaneously, the planet of commerce, Mercury, is moving at great speed. From the financial perspective, it might seem that for more is going out than coming in and that you're losing control. This is unlikely to be the case. Property matters are likely to have your full attention and yes, this could include both valuation and minor adjustment. It may be that investing in this area is your wisest move in 2019. There is also the high probability that developments in a partner's career will impact those decisions. It might then be wise to plan a financial meeting for after the Moon occults Saturn on Wednesday 19th. It is perhaps only after that event that a true picture will emerge. Then, as the Sun moves into your sign from Friday 21st and before Mercury leaves your sign on Wednesday 26th, you could arrive at optimal ways to secure assets and make minor but key investment. In grabbing hold of these financial reins you would likely then insure that you are ready to turn a fresh chapter soon after the eclipse in your sign on July 2nd.

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