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Cancer Monthly August 2018

It's likely to be after the Solar Eclipse on 11th before you're able to put a fresh budget into place. This month could easily be dominated by a review of financial management. Yet until 19th, with both Mercury and Mars in retrograde motion actually getting around to this might not be at all easy. It could be after 19th before you have facts and figures on which to base your plans. Note though, that by the Full Moon on August 26th, and assisted by Mars' station in your opposite sign, that not only could you implement your plans, but you could also convey to those - most likely born under the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, the importance of applying these. 2018 promises to be highly turbulent year with regard to financial matters. Trade wars at both the micro and macro levels are probable. This month, ensuring that your financial safety nets are not compromised should take priority. In this respect, the last week of August offers optimal cosmic weather for making those checks.

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