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Cancer Monthly March 2021

Throughout March, and as viewed from Earth, all the planets seem to be moving forwards (no retrogrades) and progress should be made. Yet with that is likely to come fast cash flow-especially in the week leading up to the First Quarter Moon in your sign on March 21. That this comes so soon after the Equinox (20th) suggests marked change in financial pace. Whilst the first few weeks of March could find more flowing out than flowing in, the tide should change from 21st. This is likely to be linked to career developments that began last year. Cash flow could perhaps be improved through sale of no longer wanted or no-longer loved items. You could yet become eBay royalty! Note that with both Jupiter and Saturn now moving through the financial partnership area of your solar chart, alliances are probable. It might even be possible to find someone to invest in you before the end of the month. True, the last few days of March could find chill financial winds blowing across global markets. It is then though that others, admiring your earlier thrift, might consider investing in you or ask for assistance in applying some of your savings techniques.

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