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Cancer Monthly October 2021

The need to improve home and working conditions will likely be strong as October begins. Be aware however that Mercury is retrograde and doesn't turn direct until the Full Moon on October 20. In the days through until the New Moon on October 6, obtaining estimates rather than proceeding with purchases would likely be wise. Conditions appear much improved after the Full moon when Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in direct motion. Indeed, it could be argued that the optimum dates for Cancerians are when the Moon passes through your sign (Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th). That said, involvement in cost management is probable over the weekend of October 9-10th. Financial partner may be baulking at some costs. Persuading them of an investment opportunity could take a few days. It's possible that following discussions over the weekend of 16/17, that you determine on the sale of an item the following week. This could sell quickly, realising useful cash. Reinvesting that will likely require much discussion but lead to you making an astute commercial move in that last week of October. Indeed, by the close of the month others could be congratulating you on having navigated tough financial waves, and in the process improving your environment and your long-term security.

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