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Cancer Monthly September 2020

September looks as though it will be another of those 'fasten your seatbelt we are in for a bumpy ride' financial months. How you feel at its start could be very different to how you feel at the end. Loss of control may be palpable around the Full Moon on 2nd. Seizing back the financial reins should suit you between Sunday 6th and Mars' station on 10th. It's then that you might decide that you miay be alerted to a new, potentially tricky situation. Between 10th and 13th assets of all kinds will surely require review - perhpa including consideraton of either a house move or domestic improvement. Once Jupiter stations on 13th, the financial pace is set to quicken. This could be as a result of input from a financial adviser. Your financial acumen is set to surface after Mercury changes signs on 27th with a strong possibility that by the close of the month you will be ready to invest - not necessarily financially - but with the promise of that reward and in partnership with someone who shares your career goals.