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Cancer Monthly December 2018

The financial waters are likely to be choppy for everyone in December - and not simply because of pending festivities associated with the end of the year. Fact is that Mercury is retrograde until the New Moon on December 7th and Venus until 17th, is still retracing degrees crossed earlier in October. The financial waters may well be muddy. Clarity might not be achieved until the middle of next month. Of course it would be normal at this time of year for more to be going out than coming in. Yet the flow this year will likely be faster than usual given that Mars is moving through another of the Water signs. The temptation to overspend will probably be great. Somehow or other you will need to apply brakes. They might also be applied for you if you have a financial partner. Yet even this person could be lured on to financial rocks - especially around the Full Moon in your sign (22nd) which happens to coincide with the December solstice. In short, though much fun is probable, it would be wise for you to consider carefully whether or not you're compromising the safety net which will likely be needed in 2019. Note too, that with the Lunar Node now passing through your sign for the next 18 months, that property and domestic and family expenditures are likely to rise.

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