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Cancer Monthly November 2020

For one last time on November 12, the two wealth giving planets, Jupiter and Pluto, are conjunct in Capricorn. You won't live through this cosmic vibration again. If you are in financial partnership already, winds of change may already have affected you. These should take you off in fresh direction again as both Mercury and Mars are no longer retrograde from midmonth. Whilst the focus in the first half of the year was likely on other people's financial management, and your own career issues pushed to the back burner, anticipate that from the New Moon on November 15th that progress will come. It's fortunate that as the Sun changes signs on 22nd, Venus arrives in the speculative area of your solar chart. By then it should be obvious that your financial position is now much altered. Your career could now move in new direction bringing with it the potential for investment in areas that a year ago, you would not have considered. Investing in you should take priority -especially in the last weekend of November. It's then that your expertise should be acknowledged and when, albeit with adjustment to your prices, that you could prepare to move off on fresh financial path once both Jupiter and Saturn align at the solstice in December.