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Cancer Monthly November 2018

The Moon's node arrives in your sign mid-month marking the start of 18 months of key financial activity. As you know, those of your sign have a preoccupation with nesting and security. That the first 12 months of this journey coincides with Jupiter's passage through an area associated with day-to-day management, suggests that property matters - perhaps especially a kitchen area, - will have your attention and which may be investment but costly. The fact that the New Moon on Tuesday 7th, coincides with Jupiter's ingress and with Uranus return to the apex of your solar chart, suggests that plans could get underway fairly quickly. Note however, that Mercury turns retrograde as the node arrives in your sign making this an excellent time for obtaining estimates, but perhaps not for pushing forward. That said, with Venus too stationing that weekend and at the base of your chart, you should at least have a sense of what it is that you want. In fact, with your creativity, imagination and, budgeting ability, you could set to work in earnest. As for most people, it would be wise to arrange a meeting with a financial adviser:perhaps around the Full Moon on November 23rd. Ensuring that any savings are as safe as they can be, and also making plans the 2019 would be wise. It may be that by the end of this month you will have at least agreed in principle to make a large investment.

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