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Cancer Monthly May 2021

May 2021 is, for Cancer especially, all about savings, and long-term security - including pensions. It should be easiest to assess your position in the first three daysof the month. You will need this information before you start discussing options with those who can help you build your nest egg. Plans could then be put in place in the short window between the New Moon on May 11th and Jupiter's arrival in another of the Water signs on 14th. This is a special pocket of time when your focus should be particularly good. Jupiter's move into Watery Pisces will obviously affect all signs. Many people will feel as though the brakes have come off and that they can now explore and invest in new areas. This could be the subject of much discussion over the weekend of 15/16th. It's possible too that you will be preparing the celebrations around 21st. Though these might seem costly, the could in fact be a wise investment. Self investment is always a good idea and before the end of May you might decide you need to undertake a short training course. View this as an early birthday gift.

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