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Cancer Monthly August 2019

With Mercury direct in your sign, the first 12 days of August could find you actively reassessing your workload and whether or not the rewards are sufficient. It is perhaps not necessarily the case that you need more cash, but rather greater acknowledgement of what you're trying to achieve. There is a very definite change in the cosmic whether as of Monday, August 12. Between then and 18th you could, with some superb plans which yes, require considerable organisation place significant foundations before the end of August. It's not unusual for those of your sign to give careful thought to investment in property. This month you might be as interested in firms supplying essential products. Indeed, building, manufacture and utility companies could all have your attention. You'd perhaps also be wise though to consider some self investment - and, whether the potential advantages to be gained in improving transport arrangements. It may be that before your birthday next year, replacing a vehicle will be paramount. Preparing for this might require opening a new savings plan before the end of the month.

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