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Cancer Monthly February 2019

February promises to be a super exciting if expensive month. Halfway through, Chiron, ( the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus) arrives at the very apex of your solar chart. Chiron is often viewed as being the wounded healer and yes, it may be that there are health concerns to be addressed (not necessarily of your own but that of a family member). It's perhaps rather more likely that you will be concerned about property repairs and investment. With career opportunities increasing but necessitating a degree of self investment before you can reap rewards, this could of course prove an expensive month. However, around the Full Moon on 19th there may be gains to be made. True, perhaps this won't appear as cash in the bank before the end of the month. It's probable however that you will feel as though you've turned a financial corner and that by the end of the month you will feel to have greater control than you had this time last year.

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