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Cancer Money

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Security is a major issue for those born under this sign and it follows that their attitude to money is serious as a result. It would be unthinkable for Cancerians to run short of money and, on the few occasions in their life when they do, the effect on their emotional well being is dramatic. Whatever age they are, once they realise this to be the case, they start to take interest in financial dealings. In youth this may be by way of watching how others handle their financial affairs. Once they have charge of their own finances they can exhibit a maturity that is surprising.

Cancerians generally do not feel the need to have purses or wallets containing a wad of notes or bills. They may own a variety of purses and wallets and ensure that each is left with a little something in them 'just in case'. Cancerians have wonderful memories and can remember how certain coins came to be in their purse - a find, a saving, a gift. In this way, cash is treasured as with everything else that they own. They are not mean, but will be reluctant to part with these treasured possessions since it may feel as though they are parting with a memory at the same time. If they do part with it, it must be for a very good reason. Some would describe them as hoarders and it is certainly true that they have a reluctance to throw anything away. However, it is a Cancerian talent to see that everything has its time and some things have their time more than once !