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Cancer Money

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Some of the finest entrepreneurs are Cancerians. The blend of Cardinal and Water sign would seem to give excellent ingredients for 'get up and go' combined with instinct. In a sense, Cancerians are at their best when self-employed. In this situation, they can follow hunches and capitalise on their ability to combine administrative ability with creative flair. An asset for Cancerians is financial self-discipline. However, they also have a sizeable imagination and an intuitive understanding for the way in which business has to operate if it is to succeed. Cancerians are neither work-shy nor financially illiterate. They are happy to invest in themselves by attending whatever courses seem appropriate but, more importantly, cultivate good relations with professionals who are likely to help them. Their weakness is their emotional instability. When knocked off this axis, their judgement is off key. Because of this, it is always wise for the Cancerian to have a sound family or emotional background from which to draw reserves during times of difficulty. With this in place, they readjust, realign, move their position a little and start their financial forward motion once more..

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