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Cancer Money

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As can be seen, with security playing such an important factor, Cancerians are not risk takers. Neither, however, are they boring investors. In fact, should they feel that they have sufficient knowledge to play the markets, they may well be tempted to do so. At the start, they may go for penny shares, but, anxious to see return, they will follow the financial papers and probably invest in a newsletter so that they are sufficiently assured that they have made wise choices. It is more likely that they will sell when the shares have made significant profit for them, rather than to wait until the market tops. In fact, they may have cause to reprove themselves more than once for having come out just before the real killing could have been made. It would be unthinkable for Cancerians to invest in any product which would be harmful to children, animals, the elderly or anyone in a vulnerable situation. On the contrary, they are attracted to those products which offer security to any of these. Having great interest in food themselves, it is not unlikely that they will be attracted to shares in food companies. Here though, they need to be familiar with the product. It is imperative to Cancerians to have an affinity with the goods before investing in them.