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Cancer Money

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It is Cancerians more than any other sign of the zodiac who responds to the idea of a 'nest egg'. With all the images of home security that this implies, the Cancerian hones in on the idea and as soon as possible will invest in a savings plan. The ideal savings plan may well be a protected mortgage such as a pension mortgage. If this is not applicable to them personally, then knowing that their savings are being invested in other property is comforting. Building Society schemes are popular for Cancerians. Even then, Cancerians will shop around to get the best possible interest and will not be put off by having to commit their savings for set periods. Similarly, treasury bonds are attractive, simply because they appear to offer security.

Cancerians make excellent financial partners since they husband money so carefully. Their memories are sharp and their recall of the most intricate deal, intact. However, it must always be remembered that it is their security which is of primary interest. Any slip made by a financial partner which leaves the Cancerian position jeopardised will leave the relationship damaged. Cancerians must be able to trust other people's financial moves and, most importantly, have these explained succinctly at regular intervals. It is all too easy to undermine the Cancerian sense of security by unwittingly withholding information. When this is not a problem, Cancerians are strong partners whose financial instincts are reliable and unerringly honest. The Cancerian would never renege on a business expense budget and is more likely to astound partners by achieving deals at very little outlay.