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Cancer Money

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Cancerians are canny shoppers and ensure that each purchase gives value for money. With the exception of basic commodities, they buy with the intention of using goods for some considerable time and so look for a certain quality along with good value. They take some pride in recycling goods. Aside from family heirlooms, which they would cherish anyway, Cancerians love to get hold of an item that has clearly been well loved and cared for. They buy quality goods second hand and revitalise these by giving them their own special touch. With basic commodities, food stuffs etc, the Cancerian eye can spot a bargain at a hundred paces but will only deem something to be worthy of purchase if it also meets quality control standards and is within their budget.

The concept of a budget is attractive to Cancerians who see this in itself as a form of security blanket. They see an evening spent working out the budget as being an investment, and will carefully keep all receipts making regular checks to ensure that the budget is practical and working. In negotiation, Cancerians wins through reticence. The person selling will think that Cancerian silence is due to over-pricing, but Cancerians are more likely to be wondering whether they need the product or not anyway. In pursuit of the sale, the seller then reduces the price and Cancerians, if they go ahead with the deal, get a bargain. It is not just in these reflective moments that Cancerians make headway, but also in their dialogue. Cancerians can be competitive and are not afraid of standing their ground and securing a fair price. They can barter and, except for the times when a treasured item is involved, can adopt a 'take it or leave it' stance. In this way, they secure superb deals.

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