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Cancer Money

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On the basis that there is still some value to be had, they store many things for another occasion. In this way they ensure that there is always provision for emergencies, and as a result, the Cancerian capital base grows and grows.

It is important for money to be kept safely and Cancerians may feel that their purse or wallet is insufficiently secure for larger sums of cash. This means choosing a bank. Trust is an issue for Cancerians and learning to deal with banks and other investment houses is a difficult concept - at least in the early years. Cancerians expects that their money will be looked after. And this means 'their' money; so that in one sense, they want to be given back exactly the same five pound note that they deposited there in the first place. It takes time for Cancerians to accept that this will not be the case and that the bank will take 'their' money, invest it and give back another note plus interest. The relationship with bank cashiers and managers is important here too. Continuity, stability, confidentiality and reliability are all key concerns and it is unsettling when Cancerians have to forge new relationships with those who look after their financial affairs.

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