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Meryl Streep

Time Unknown -Noon chart used
Summit, New Jersey, United States

Meryl Streep is one of the most respected and talented actresses of her generation overtaking Katherine Hepburn's previously held record of 12 when she was nominated for an Oscar for the 13th time in 2003.

Many of her roles have required a new accent - a talent shown by Mars, ruler of her Midheaven, conjunct the planet of communication, Mercury, in Gemini - a sign associated with mimicry as well as Mercury trine Neptune in Libra in the 3rd house of communication

Meryl Streep loves the transformation which comes with each new role - fitting for someone with their Sun conjunct Uranus - planet of change. She spends much time preparing learning a new language (Polish and German for Sophie's Choice) or taking on a punishing fitness routine three hours daily, as was required for her role in The River Wild. Saturn in Virgo (perfectionist) contacts her Sun.

Something which isn't perhaps so well known is her role as a campaigner for many well known causes such as aids, the arts, children's health, equality for women in third world countries, American forests, to list but a few. She has several 11th house planets, including her Sun, reflecting an interest in humanitarian issues.