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Cancer Love Friday 16th November 2018

The cosmic weather is decidedly choppy presently. The good news is that Venus is now in direct motion at the base of your solar chart. On top of that, Mars has arrived in another of the Water signs. Those two factors should be seen as good news. However, Mercury has now turned retrograde in that part of the chart that's all about daily routine. So things might not yet be running quite as smoothly as you would wish. Though not caught in the eye of this cosmic storm, it is probable you will have to show considerable patience and understanding to those who are caught in a romantic downpour. Readjustments will certainly be necessary. Remember too, that the Moon's node has now arrived in your sign for an 18 month stay. See this as a long period of transition and give thought as to what it is really brings you pleasure. It's not necessarily the case that you will definitely move, but that changes to your domestic scene will have a knock-on effect on your romantic life.