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Cancer Love Friday 14th June 2019

Firstly, hold the thought that there is a Full Moon on Monday. And yes, on this occasion, in the days beforehand you could go way over the top. If you felt at all unsupported and at any level, you will presumably need to make thatclear. Having done so however, and perhaps having given a certain individual not exactly an ultimatum, but a clear view of where you think things are at, you should surely then afford to stand back a little, allow them to absorb what you've said and begin the process of putting things right. As is likely to be the case for all signs, as the Sun moves into your sign next Friday (which on this occasion is accompanied by a tricky aspect between Mars and Pluto), the desire to make essential changes is set to increase. If you're in a union that is no longer as satisfying as it should be, you will perhaps need to make clear that there is only so long that you can deal with the situation. Note that the coming solar Eclipse is in your sign: a cosmic marker for the unfolding of a new chapter.