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Cancer Love Friday 7th May 2021

Viewed from earth, and and focusing on the regular planets, they all seem contained within 180. This feeling of containment likely suits you. Recall that Mars is presently travelling through your sign: it suits you to invite others to visit you and not to have to do too much outgoing. Yet outgoing is set to happen. Soon after Tuesday's New Moon Jupiter moves from Aquarius into Watery Pisces. With that comes the promise of adventures and new social interaction. True, some plans cannot be pushed forward fully for a few weeks yet. It's the promise that should be so compelling and exciting. For now, it may be important for you to focus on the image you're going to present in a few weeks' time. You may also find that you are key to assisting others find emotional balance. This doesn't preclude romantic activity for you, but it does suggest that its existing partnerships that will have full attention presently.