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Aries Yearly 2019

It's a neat coincidence that Mars, your ruling planet, begins its transit of your sign of the first day of the New Year. A few days later, there is a solar eclipse accenting a pivotal axis of your solar chart: the combination suggesting that that you will begin 2019 all revved up and ready for action - and most likely, upheaval. That could come quickly too: Uranus leaves your sign on March 6th and doesn't return to Aries for over eight decades. The seeds you've planted in the last seven years are set to rise above the surface but yes, of course, 'weeding' will be necessary. One plan may be property related and linked to career change that causes ripples if not major waves in your financial affairs. Though much obviously depends on your personal chart (exact date, place and time of birth) May 16th to early July should prove highly eventful. International travel, training and engaging with experts are major themes this year. Until December 3rd the need to expand your world, go places and experience adventure marks 2019 as very different to 2018.


Though there are indicators from January that your career will move off in fresh direction, success should feel more real at the very end of the year and into 2020. Much of 2019 is about taking on extra responsibility and mastering the fine art of delegation. This could prove something of a challenge if you are faced with cultural or language difficulties: though this would likely prompt you to learn about different ways of working and so improving work/life balance. Through July and until August 18, enthusiasm for a project - even with all the problems this brings could mean that others experience you as the 'right person in the right place at the right time'. These few weeks should find you stretched as never before but, hopefully, loving the challenge. Even if you're not self-employed (which might be attractive proposition in 2019), you could get involved in a project planned for December that would open up another revenue stream.


From May to October 2018 it was likely apparent that you were moving into fresh financial waters. Waves in this new ocean will likely be higher from early March 2019 and are unlikely to calm for many years. Indeed, much time might need to be spent trying to hold steady whilst consolidating resources. This is particularly true around the Lunar Eclipse on July 16 and again around November 21st. This is not to say that the whole year is financially 'bad': but simply that income may unpredictable, that costs will be high and that developments both at home and at work will leave you challenged in ways that were hinted at in 2018 but which are very much reality from 2019. Financial education and frequent meetings with an advisor may be another - and perhaps advisable - feature of the year.


With Saturn moving through another of the Cardinal signs through to 2020, you'll likely be playing for the long term. Yet dalliance is still an option - especially in February and July. You ought perhaps to take care that you don't light a flame in February that you later want to extinguish! That said, it seems unlikely that you'll want for attention. Indeed, through from late June to mid September you could be spoilt for choice (that bringing with it other difficulties). From October and with a certain person making clear what it is that they want, developing a partnership of equals looks promising and could bring a hopeful and solid ending to the year.


Given the stresses and strains likely to be experienced across the world between 2019 and 2026 and your particular sensitivity to winds of change, for you, unusual preoccupation with health would be understandable. Perhaps more than any other sign you understand that dis-ease often manifests literally. Though not one of the zodiac's natural worriers, concern as to both your own workload and that of a significant other, could put you under pressure from the end of August through to early October. Well ahead of this, in January you could organise health checks and improve both diet and physical fitness should that be necessary. You may know that each sign of the zodiac is associated with a particular area of the body. For Aries, this is the head. Headaches, and accidents to this area appear more frequently than for other signs. It would be as well to take special care - especially around the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st when you may be more susceptible to accident or impairment (most likely caused through rushing around). It's worth mentioning that with increased work pressure, your nervous system may be under unusual stress in 2019. It may be helpful to ensure you have good vitamin intake from early March if not before.


The extraordinary activity indicated by the eclipses of 2019 and that affect the backbone of your solar chart, suggests extra responsibility on the home as much as the career front (the two may be linked). Though clearly much depends on your age, it may be necessary to become involved with the finances of an older generation. Property management is indicated. What may be difficult is to balance travel, long distance connections, an education timetable and obtaining expert advice with the needs of someone from another generation who is working at a different pace altogether. Whatever the difficulties, it may be that in December that there is a flurry of activity requiring you to expand your home - perhaps in preparation for impending and important arrival in 2020.