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Aries Yearly 2021

Mars' extended stay in your sign concludes on January 7. It then moves so quickly through the zodiac that it covers two thirds of it before the end of the year. You too are likely to move swiftly through 2021; embracing challenges with enthusiasm. There is little that upsets Aries more than not being able to get on with things. Right through until the solstice on 21st June you could make huge impact - especially when dealing with groups or bringing a team together. True, nothing is ever perfect and between May 23 and June 21, you could be challenged when it becomes apparent that someone is not up to responsibilities delegated and accepted earlier in the year. Travel is likely to be a huge issue for all signs - a difficulty that could be hugely problematic in the first three weeks of June and in the first half of October. You may also find from August 20 to the end of the year, that finances don't run as smoothly as you would wish. Most positively however, you should experience a career challenge in the last two weeks of December, that prompts you to reconnect with someone you worked with approximately 8 years ago.


For more than a decade, Pluto has been moving across your career zone. It concludes that passage by 2024. Before it leaves Capricorn, you could experience moments of empowerment. What you add to your CV in 2021 should make clear how much you've grown and matured. There ought also to be ample opportunity to show how good you are at working within a team. True, this could be taxing in the first three weeks of February when there is the potential for things to come unstuck: mainly due to adjusted rules and regulations. Given the positions of Uranus and Neptune, it's probable that you will conquer any difficulties with flare and imagination. What should be stressed is that following Uranus' sign change in 2018, that career and financial instability has become the new norm. Between now and end 2023, pursuing new interests and yes, developing entrepreneurial talents takes priority. Again, don't forget to add these extra interests to your CV. A career impasse could be reached in the last few weeks of December. This though might prompt you to renew contact with those you've worked with in the past, and who are setting out on new comemrcial adventures. It may not be too late for you to get in on the ground floor of these.


Starting in May 2018, and for the next few years Uranus, the planet of instability and unpredictably, moves through one of the key financial zones of your solar chart. Whilst an unstable cash flow is clearly a worrying thought, it should also be noted that this planet can bring with it extreme and sudden gains. The art is to get used to the sudden stops and starts along the way. Taking into account the global financial scene, and the high probability of bad news as regard saving, you might also wish to consider the possibility of self investment and allowing your inner entrepreneur to surface. Between January 14 and June 21 both Jupiter and Uranus are in forward motion. This should be a promising time to push forward with new plans. The trickiest time for financial matters comes between end of September and early November. Those in financial partnership may find this particularly challenging if you don't share the same investment ideas. It's worth noting that unsettling rhythms in both transport and communication systems could also dent finances in 2021. In this regard, finances may be severely stretched between end of May and early July.


Until late December, both Venus and Mars are in direct motion. This is in much contrast to 2020 when relationships were no doubt put under considerable stress when these planets were retrograde. Though at the end of December you could hit mild turbulence, it's unlikely to be similar to what you experienced in 2020. The most interesting period comes as Mars travels through your opposite sign between September 15 and October 30. Around the latter date you could come to a decision as regards the permanence or otherwise of a union. It is between June 21 and July 29 when your particular style should be noticed and when the romantic waves look to be most exciting. True, this could indicate a summer dalliance: it is as likely that a connection made during these weeks will turn into something more meaningful in October.


The planetoid Chiron, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, has a reputation as a 'wounded healer'. It appears though to work at many different levels and not just with regard to health. That said, throughout 2021, Chiron continues to move through your sign. And yes, there may be times when you feel physically limited as to what you can and cannot do. You could feel this particularly in the opening days of the year and again from July 30 to September 14. It is during this time that your nerves might feel stretched this way and that. Given this possibility, you should consider addressing health issues before they become a problem: taking advantage of opportunities for checkups -especially between January 7 and March 3. This should cover financial, spiritual and physical health checks. With this done, you could perhaps avoid difficulties mid-year.


In 2020, the presence of Jupiter and Saturn at the very backbone of your solar chart together with two important eclipses signalled the likelihood of family and property matters being high priority. The emphasis in 2021 is quite different: you might then be concerned about younger family members experiencing difficulty with communication, education and transport. Property matters will likely still demand your attention - particularly where renovation is concerned between April 23 and the solar Eclipse on June 10. This will likely be one of the most exciting periods of your year. Later, and from November 5 through early 2022, it's in-laws or relatives or friends who will likely require your assistance.

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