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Aries Outlook 2018


Before Uranus leaves your sign completely in 2019, you'll likely be cosmically challenged to display the courage and daring for which your sign is renowned even as your very roots are shaken mid-year. By the close of 2018, not only might you be working with a completely new set of people, you could be working in entirely new worlds. Prepare for your networking system to be radically different, and for an idea linked to a hobby (or which comes under the heading of general research and development), to gather momentum; eventually becoming a second revenue stream. True, dark clouds could gather (possibly between March 23rd and April 16th and again through November). These pressure periods should find you significantly challenged to show those traits of bravery and confidence. More pleasurably, between May 16th and June 27th, you should see some of your ideas gain attention - perhaps leading the way to new job opportunities. A complete overhaul of your financial situation is probable in 2018 as is the likelihood of you taking an ethical (or even political) stand. The last two weeks of May could find you super-busy as you prepare for battle. Three solar eclipses in 2018 indicate fast moving developments within your social circle (February), with regard to home and property management (July) and in areas supposed to bring greatest fun: children, the Arts, hobbies etc (August).


Turbulence is indicated between March 6th and May 13th and again, between October 6th and December 17th. With the August solar eclipse offering the possibility of 'new' romance, it could be that these two periods involve different issues or, perhaps, partners. Though both periods suggest a demanding few weeks, the March-to May period should prove the easier to handle. Indeed, you might even enjoy the chase! That's unlikely to be true in November when you could feel emotionally ambushed by constant tests of your commitment and loyalty. If, however, you're already in long term union, then tension and pressure could be linked to children or elders and their interests and needs and how these can be financed and supported. For one year in approx. every 12, the accent is on passion, intensity and deep connections. Until November 7th you could feel caught in a spider's web of intrigue (this might even be the romantic affairs of a good friend). After this date and with matters then likely to be out in the open, you could prepare for a fresh start. Whilst likely to be difficult, it may be that the main issue is about security and shared responsibility. It's not every year when holiday romance proves extra special but that may be true in 2018 - and involve someone born under one of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius).


As early as January 3rd you might decide that you need extra training; choosing to invest in this between January 27th and March 18th. This action - covering the Solar Eclipse on February 15th, would also open up a new social scene and network. Before year-end, all Aries will be required to take on extra responsibility - for which extra training should prove extra useful. By the next solar eclipse (July 13th), developments might require that you consider moving house. For some, this may be driven by the need for more family space and meeting the needs of another generation. Over the last decade you've no doubt learnt much about power and yes, corruption. As of May 15th there may be methods of working you can no longer support. Cutting ties immediately, though tempting, could leave you cast adrift and financially vulnerable - even if it also shows how bold and courageous you are capable of being. You might instead choose your moment- and especially through the summer months - to invest in a hobby or latent talent with the potential to be a second or better primary revenue stream and which would be a cushion during a period of change. 'Cushions' though are not generally associated with Aries: your preference may be to take a risk and go for it!


In the few weeks before your birthday, it would be wise to set aside time for check-ups. It might then be advised that you make dietary adjustment to improve your well-being: and to be particularly careful around the solar eclipse on July 13th when upset could put you under stress. Then in September (which could include a half-year check up perhaps) you might need to make further adjustment to secure optimum vitamin and mineral levels through what could be a taxing fourth quarter of the year.


The entire period May 15th through October 9th could find you grappling with financial challenge: in part due to developments in the global financial scene but as likely, a work crisis involving your personal ethical and moral code. True any 'problem' may be as much about how to cope with the cost of effecting career change: how much to invest in you and your interests. By the August 11th solar eclipse emphasis moves elsewhere: to how you can cope with rising prices when investments lose value. Indeed, it could be these pressures that are the forces behind both relationship hassle and ill-health in the fourth quarter of the year. AND YET!!! Chiron arrives in your sign in March. Though viewed by some as the 'wounded healer', this planetoid can also be viewed as a problem-solver. Negotiating the challenges of 2018 could find you at your best: showing others how to face dilemmas and find original ways around them. Don't overlook the 7 year experience of Uranus through your sign that's coming to an end: you now have ample experience of rising to challenge and negotiating hurdles. Those offered in 2018, whilst quite different, may be the sort on which you thrive.

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