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Aries Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

Uranus has now returned to your sign for a few months whilst Chiron has turned back into the sign of Pisces. It may be that the cosmos would like you to reconsider your personal marketing plans - especially if these involve either travel or education. With the latter, it may be that others feel you would make a great teacher but before going down that route you need to determine how you would like students to see you. With Venus coming to retrograde station in your opposite sign next Friday, it's probable that others will push you to make a fast decision. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be an issue. For now though, you might want to take time to consider a proposal carefully - especially if this would tie you down in any way. Something that will need to be considered before your birthday in 2019, is the level of commitment and responsibility you're willing to carry. It may be that you recognise that in taking on a new role, you would also be limiting leisure time. Discussing all this with a mentor who is familiar with the challenges you've embraced in the last couple of years and where you've excelled, would surely be helpful and might best be done before Mercury turns retrograde next Saturday .