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Aries Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

As of this Sunday, and until mid-May, Venus moves through your sign. At the very least this should put you in the mood to charm. Add to this the simultaneous transit of Mars moving through the communication sign of Gemini, and it's probable that you will be at your most persuasive. If you aare involved in any kind of buying or selling,or pitching a new idea, this should be your moment. Indeed, and particularly where money matters are concerned, you could now be moving into a different area altogether. For the first time in many decades the Sun and Uranus align in neighbouring Taurus. Unless you were alive in the 1930s you have no prior experience of this force. Anticipate that your entrepreneurial skills will come to the fore. Indeed, if you're thinking about launching something new, and yes, obviously with professional advice, this may be the moment to start. It wouldn't be so surprising if you stepped out of your comfort zone - achieving success but leaving you exhausted by the weekend!.