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Aries Weekly Sunday 5th July 2020

Mars has arrived in your sign and, thanks to a retrograde period, has an extended stay. Over the next six months, pushing your ideas forward will likely take priority and yes, you do need to put 'you' first. However, Mercury is retrograde at the very base of your solar chart and until next Sunday at least, going back over past issues (most likely property related) could prove challenging. There might also be the issue of how and when to pick up loose ends. To what extent can you plan the last quarter of the year? All this will surely be preoccupying and effectively stop you from thinking too creatively. It might help to carve out two separate half hours in every day when you focus simply on how you would like things to be and not as they are presently. In this respect, you could get support from a Virgo, who, though worrying greatly themselves, will likely have useful perspective on the small steps needed to achieve success.