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Aries Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

Your ruling planet, Mars moves into Virgo and yet another side of your personality hould be on display. Those of your sign are not always known for being efficient or attending to detail. But it's not just Mars that arrives in Virgo this week: it's joined their by Venus and, before the end of the month, by the Sun and Mercury. A strong possibility is being called to account over administrative matters. Even if on holiday, keep receipts, take notes and be careful you don't lose important papers. The good news is that over on Monday and Tuesday the Moon passes through your sign. You could, if you work at it, delegates certain tasks. Just make sure that if you do so, it's to people who have a track record of being efficient. Anticipate being distracted by ideas aplenty from someone who's been travelling. Their excitement will surely be infectious. If you do decide to form a business partnership though, it's once again vital that adequate notes and details are attended to.