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Aries Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

The time of year itself indicates that this should be a week of all systems go. Yet this year is different: Mercury is now moving forward and there was a New Moon last Friday (7th). Those two factors together suggest that most people will be anxious to get things done. Note too that by the middle of December, Venus will have returned to the position held at its retrograde degree in early October. This too has all the makings of most people thinking that they need to accomplish something to show that the last couple of months haven't been wasted: a race to the finish then. Now though, and especially in the second half of the week - compromise in difficult situations could be found. Note too, that those who gave legal expert advice might now be doubting earlier opinions. Be prepared for a bit of a turnaround there as well. True, this could be mightily irritating. It could pave the way to reasonable solutions being found before the solstice on 22nd.