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Aries Weekly Sunday 24th October 2021

You have excellent powers of persuasion and know exactly how - and when to cut to the quick (sometimes too hastily), You also know how to get to the heart of the matter and make things happen. But yes, there are times when you bark orders and fail to notice that others aren't - and can't - keep up. The latter may be quite a problem in the days leading up to Thursday's Last Quarter Moon. It might not be so easy to identify issues either - which may be down to presentation. You could be affected in curious ways: perhaps disliking the way someone dresses or how they present material. Fact is that a tricky aspect coming soon after the Last Quarter Moon likely represents an obstacle for all signs. In your case, you may need to confront the fact that someone who is supposed to be in charge of a team hasn't lived up to expectations and might need to be replaced .