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Aries Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

It could feel as though you're being rapped over the knuckles as the week begins. Responsibilities could weigh heavily. Pressure from friends and colleagues alike might be almost too much. What you need is release or to be paid better! Looking on the bright side, a breakthrough is possible - but likely not until after next weekend's New Moon. For now, the focus seems to be on how to improve lines of communication. Certainly there seems to be much scope for improvement. What might also be true is that in recent weeks you have been denied the pleasure of exploring your creativity. That should now come to the foreground. Indeed, it's probable that before Friday, you will be tempted to take action that makes clear that you can't be pigeonholed and that there has to be room for you to have fun. Yes, this could lead to a crisis. It might also be absolutely essential if you're to be the best you can be.