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Victoria Beckham

Time Unknown -Noon chart used
Essex, England

Victoria Beckham became famous in the 1990s as a member of the Spice Girls - one of the most successful UK female groups of all time. She married David Beckham, ex England footballer in 1999.

Victoria is a Sun Aries - she is direct in her manner, needs to be kept active and has a competitive streak - Aries do like to come first after all! As a cardinal sign, Victoria is ambitious, needs to be challenged and likes to have projects to focus on. However, although she might not show it, she is also quite vulnerable, shown by Chiron sitting right next to her Sun, and her originality and ability to stand out from the crowd is shown by the opposition from these two planets to Uranus.

Her singing talents and love of fashion are shown by Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, her Midheaven trine Neptune (although this might not be in orb depending on her birth time) as well as Mercury trine Neptune.

She doesn't have any planets in Earth which means she may not in touch with her physical body and this might go some way to understanding her ability to be so slim - lack of Earth often manifests as forgetting to eat!

She's often photographed with other celebrities and works hard at networking (Mars conjunct Saturn in Gemini).


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