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Aries Quarterly

Before the end of what will likely be a tumultuous quarter, a slower moving planet and a planetoid will have changed signs. The first, the planetoid, Chiron, moves into your sign in February. It's said that this planetoid is associated with healing. And yes, it is possible that as of February, there will be the need for greater involved with the medical profession. This does not necessarily mean though that there's anything wrong with you: it could be that you draw closer to those working in this sector. Rather more important than this ingress is that Uranus' move from your sign into Taurus. This could bring with it a wave of uncertainty - especially where financial matters are concerned. It's a gift perhaps that the year begins with Mars moving through your sign. For the first five weeks of the year, you could push your objectives forward. You could also do much - especially during the eclipse period between January 7th and 21st, to shore up your position. The important thing here is not to be distracted by what others think, and instead to follow your intuition and build a nest egg. Property matters are sure to have your attention during 2019. Here, repairs should take priority. In preparation for your birthday, you could perhaps give thought to your life journey, and exactly what it is you would like to leave as your legacy.

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