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Aries Quarterly

This should prove a stormy quarter to conclude 2019. It's now 90 years since the Wall Street crash and echoes of that event could be heard at the end of October. It will not however be an exact replay. Nor is this quarter full of all bad news. Indeed, by the time Jupiter reaches the apex of your solar chart at the beginning of December, your career could be taking on new vibrancy. It presumably helps that between October 4th and November 19th, Mars travels through your opposite sign. Yes, this could leave you feeling as though you are up against it. It should also bring out your competitive streak. We know that when you have an opposition, you are at your best. Rarely does an Aries lack courage. Having a battle to fight seems to suit you. True, it could be physically exhausting; especially around the Full Moon on October 13. It's interesting however, that that event coincides with both Mercury and Venus (a commercial combination), are travelling through another of the Mars-ruled signs, Scorpio. Your business acumen should be to the fore. In short, though things might take longer than you would wish, it does seem likely that by early December your life journey will take fresh direction. That might also be of benefit in romantic partnerships. Indeed, if you're involved in any kind of property dealing, this could prove a challenging super successful.

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