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Aries Quarterly

Two eclipses mark this quarter as special. The first, the Solar on July 2 accents the base of your solar chart whilst two weeks later, the Lunar Eclipse accents its apex. This cosmic attention to the backbone of your solar chart suggests a major turning point. A key date in all this will likely be the September 14th Full Moon. That event coincides with both Mercury and Venus arriving in your opposite sign - drawing attention to what is known as the world axis. It's probable you've already embarked on a major project. These eclipses simply mark turning points or stepping stones en route. Bear in mind that Mercury turns retrograde between these two events. It is retrograde almost through until the August 15th Full Moon and yes, delays and upsets are likely. Progress will likely not be a swift as you would like - particularly if property matters are concerned. Anticipate however that after the August Full Moon that it will be full speed ahead and that with so many planets then in the sign of Virgo, that the necessary attention to detail will be achieved. That said, those in working partnership with people born under either Virgo or Libra, should find the path ahead to be more than a little turbulence. This does not mean that those relationships will fracture, but that you're very different approaches could give rise to considerable tension. On the very considerable upside your creativity is enhanced between August 12 and 17th. If at all possible, arranging either a holiday or blue skies thinking day during that period should prove super useful.

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