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Aries Quarterly

Until September 25, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in direct motion. The implications are that things will be moving forward and, given that Venus and Mars move together through another of the Fire signs at least until July 21, that there will be progress. Ideas, hobbies, affairs of the heart etc should flow: albeit as though over rocky ground but at pace. Socially your world should expand too after Jupiter returns to Aquarius on July 29. Even so, great organisation will likely be required: particularly between August 12 and 16th. Coordinating diaries and generally making best use of time will require sound planning. It's after Venus moves into your opposite sign on August 16 that things should get really interesting however. From then through until September 10, the need and desire to develop new partnerships in every area of your world is set to increase. By then, Mars will be moving through Virgo; arguably the most critical sign of the zodiac. Expect to be choosy and to question the motives and abilities of others. Note however that by the Full Moon on September 20 a new working rhythm will likely be in place. Yes this will no doubt be tested as Mercury moves retrograde from the end of that month, yet you may be pleased that things are not as they were a year ago and delight by the end of this quarter, that you've negotiated and learnt to dance to a new rhythm.

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