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Aries Quarterly

Make sure that you don't put style before substance in the first 10 days of April. If however, you're confident that what you have to offer is of sound quality and that presentation is as you wish to be, then by the time Jupiter stations on Thursday 11th April you could be well on the way to success. It's fair to say that this period is crucial in determining the success of this quarter. Saturn stations at the apex of your solar chart on April 30 and should mark a significant career moment that's dependent on actions taken in those ten days. You may then be in a position around the Full Moon on May 18, to return to giving attention to domestic matters and property improvements. Getting these underway before the solar eclipse at the beginning of July might be considered wise. True, designs and planning will take great chunks of time. There might also be important financial considerations that need to be taken account between May 18 and 21st and which until they are agreed, could feel knife-edge. It would appear that between that date and Neptune station on June 21 (the solstice and an important date in its own right), you will be fuelled for the challenges to take place through July's eclipse period - which might include both a house move and altered career direction. Click Here for Details