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Aries Quarterly

Uranus returns to your sign from the New Moon on November 7th. A day later, Jupiter arrives in another of the Fire signs. The combination suggests you could easily go off on one! To be clear, you may be so tempted and propelled by an idea, that you don't undertake any risk assessment and move forward with a plan that's actually been incubating for months if not years. You may feel compelled to seize what looks like an opportunity. Given the dark financial clouds on the horizon through 2020 and 2021, it would be wise to be ultra careful and not to take on any extra debt. Indeed, difficult as it may be to hear, it would be prudent to be cautious. True, it might appear that there are bargains to be had before the solstice on December 21st. Yet this quarter could prove highly volatile with prices going this way and that. You will no doubt require the guidance of an experienced financial mentor before parting with hard earned savings. Mid-November the Moon's node crosses from Leo into another of the Cardinal signs, Cancer. It won't be at all surprising if, during the next 18 months, property matters have your full attention. It might even be that you determine before Christmas that a move is essential. With big changes on both the career and domestic front likely looming, it will surely be necessary to keep a regular eye on finance as all too easily more could be going out than coming in. You could however show considerable financial acumen by questioning, re-questioning and bartering before reaching agreement.

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