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Aries Monthly August 2018

It's not so many weeks since Chiron moved into your sign - followed by Uranus into neighbouring Taurus. A good way to think of this is crossing a financial jet-stream. Part of your life quest is to show bravery and courage. Key through these next months is to ensure that your financial boat doesn't capsize. The good news is that you should now be clearer as to which directions are treacherous and which offer smoother passage. As August begins, financial current are likely to be fast and furious possibly requiring you to trim sails slightly ahead of the solar eclipse on August 11th . Between 11th and Mercury's station on the 19th, you may be asked to revisit work undertaken at the start of the year. It may be that this could be repackaged. Certainly by the weekend of 25th 26th it should be clear that a new revenue stream has potential. Then, by the time your ruling planet, Mars, stations on 27th you could undertake risk assessment prior to moving into a new financial stream altogether in September.

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