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Aries Monthly April 2019

Get ready for a run on funds. Until the First Quarter Moon on April 12th, all the planets appear in forward motion. Cash could fly out in all directions. And now that your ruling planet, Mars, is moving through Gemini, until mid-May travel and communication costs could well exceed usual budget. Recall though, that the lunar North node is moving through another of the Cardinal signs. It may be that money spent is all linked to long-term domestic security. It's possible that you will also be considering a long-term investment. Expertise required to secure this could prove expensive but necessary. You might recall that recently Uranus left your sign and is now moving through neighbouring Taurus. Its first alignment with the Sun comes just a couple of days after the Full Moon on 19th. This could coincide with a surge of financial activity that proves beneficial. It may be that something you invested in some time back finally makes good. It's even possible that by the 24th you'll give careful thought to other investments. For this, it would likely be wise to consult with someone with considerable experience. Note that over the last few days of April there is potential to slip on financial banana skins.

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