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Aries Monthly April 2020

Until 26th the planets are in direct motion. You too should feel as though you're making progress. True there may be a little financial upset around 6th-7th though it's probable that you will regain your balance. Worst case is that this won't happen until Venus reaches its direct station at the very end of June. With that in mind, it might not be a bad idea to put a financial safety net in place. The middle of the month looks to be particularly interesting: there is the promise of a career move around the Last Quarter Moon on April 14th (though if your risk assessment is in not good working form, you could easily come unstuck). Bigger financial news is likely to come after Pluto makes its station on 26th. Whether this brings a low or high will depend very much on your personal chart of course, yet there is high probability that before the end of the month you'll be giving investment matters very serious thought. In other words, you could end April with a surplus.

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