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Aries Monthly May 2021

Jupiter changes sign every year. In 2021, and for a short time between mid-May and end July, Jupiter enters Pisces. And yes, it is en route to its transit of your sign in 2022. View this as the overture. This is the time when you need to build up reserves. That though, may be easier said than done. Communication costs look set to rise greatly. Recalling that Mars is presently moving through a property-related zone of your solar chart, it may be that renovations and general improvements have the potential to drain resources. Note that just a few days after the Full Moon on May 26, Mercury turns retrograde and will be retrograde in one of the Air signs through until June 23. Nailing others down and getting them to keep to costs agreed will likely be challenging. To avert possible probalems later, it would be wise to secure definition in a contract before the Sun leaves Taurus on May 20. Consolidating your position, gaining control of runaway costs and improving cash flow balance will require accessing the risk management expertise you've hopefully built up in the last year but would surely be a valuable exercise ahead of next month's solar eclipse.

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