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Aries Monthly November 2018

It is recognised that when one of the slower moving planets changes signs, there is usually a ripple in global financial affairs. Not every sign is initially but, as Jupiter moves into another of the Fire signs on November 7, you could find yourself near the centre of a whirlpool. That this event coincides with both the New Moon and with Uranus' return to your sign suggests that you could find yourself at this centre. This might even be exciting if you and a partner are about to embark on a major project. Be aware though, that Venus is still retrograde until 16th and that negotiations could take at least until then to agree in principle and much longer before they reach contract stage. Fact is that over the middle weekend of November, both Mercury and Venus arrive at stations as Mars, your ruling planet, changes signs. Coincidentally the lunar node begins its transit of the base of your solar chart. That so many things occur together suggests an expensive time ahead. True, you could choose this month to invest in a hobby that has the potential to be a second revenue stream. Be aware of the risks you are taking. Given all this, it might be as well to arrange a meeting with your financial advisor and factor in a general financial health check.

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