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Aries Monthly June 2019

Eclipses can be viewed as page-turners. The next is on July 2 and in the sign of Cancer. The effect of an eclipse does not have to happen on the day itself. In this instance, clues may be left as of June 1. That's when Mars crosses the degree of the solar eclipse. Cancer falls at the base of your solar chart. This, amongst other things, is your assets department. It's probable that at some level you will embark on a fresh investment and yes, this may well be property related. You don't have to make a move just yet but might appreciate a valuation of assets. This may be particularly important in the week beginning June 10. Insurance matters too might require extra attention particularly in the days leading into the solstice this year on June 21. In terms of investment, you may be drawn to those companies providing essential goods and items. That includes food storage. At a rather different level entirely, it's also possible that in making adjustments to your normal diet, you will also significantly affect the household budget with positive effect..

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