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Aries Monthly November 2020

Obviously much depends on your personal chart. That said, since Pluto's arrival in another of the Cardinal signs way back in 2008, there's little doubt that the Aries financial world has been challenged. Of course, sometimes that's been in a good way, and as Uranus transited your sign between 2013 and 2018, though the financial currents may have been turbulent, they were also perhaps exciting. They may be less so now against the global financial climate of 2020. Property and relationship issues may well have damaged your stability. It should be remembered that this year, Mars has an extended stay in your sign. Its station the night before the New Moon on November 15 comes just after the final alignment of the two wealth-giving planets, Jupiter and Pluto, on 12th suggesting a make or break moment. Modifying an investment made earlier in the year will doubtless be necessary and involve in-depth conversation with financial advisers between 14th and the First Quarter Moon on November 22. Market turbulence is probable from 22nd once again - as last month pointing to the importance of maintaining security and a good safety net.