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Aries Monthly March 2021

As viewed from Earth, all the planets are in forward motion throughout March. March brings anniversaries of historical market volatility and March 2021 may be no exception. The critical date comes at the Full Moon on March 28 with the Sun's alignment with Chiron - in your sign. This is likely to bring an 'accountability' test. True, this doesn't have to be financial. It is probable though, that a financial wound will require attention. Before the Sun arrives in your sign on Saturday 20th, it would be wise to put safety nets in place where possible. Don't under estimate your ability to 'do things differently' and, in fact, to be quite ingenious. Thinking out of the box is probable mid-month and done with the assistance of someone born under one of the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Yes, the accent is very much on financial partnership involving learning marketing techniques: an area in which you could make progress between 16th and 21st. All told, by the end of the month your financial ship could be in altered but exciting direction.

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