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Aries Monthly August 2019

This could easily prove a month of two halves. The most significant date is Monday, 12 August when Mercury returns to Leo just as both Jupiter and Uranus arrive at stations whilst the Moon occults Saturn. It might be as well to red ring this day. As you can imagine, when the Saturn vibration is blocked, restraints are removed. This would not be a date for taking risks unless these have been fully assessed as Mercury retrograded back in July. Putting in place a safety net between August 1st and 11th should be considered wise. As of August 18, Mars moves into Virgo. By the end of the month it is joined by the Sun, Mercury and Venus. This considerable emphasis on the working area of your solar chart suggests that by the end of the month you will be like a worker bee: there may not be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want. It's perhaps imperative then in the first 10 days of August that you spent wisely on necessities. Indeed, for some this could be the optimum moment to assess investment opportunities in companies delivering essential items and services.

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