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Aries Monthly January 2020

2020 has been described by an esteemed colleague is the year of the great financial reset. A preponderence of planets in Capricorn accenting the apex of your solar chart suggests you will feel you've arrived at full stop moment. It wouldn't be so surprising if you felt the need to practice austerity. True, this could be driven by property investment or because you want to underpin the venture. There is very strong possibility that designs and presentation will cost more than you think. Rebudgeting may be necessary - especially around 22nd and 23rd. Maintaining control of cash flow will likely be challenging - especially as Mars is moving through another Fire sign, Sagittarius indicaing that the costs of 'foreign' products may be high. You could arrange regular meetings with a financial adviser to ensure you stay on track. All that said, investing in your career may be something that becomes part of these discussions.

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