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Aries Monthly December 2018

Of course it's year end and forthcoming celebrations always bring increased expenditure. This year they could be higher than usual. Keeping tight rein on spending won't be easy particularly in the first six days of the month. There's high probability now that the Lunar Node has moved into Cancer (where it accents the very base of your solar chart), that both family and property (nests) will require extra care - which in this case, probably means of investment and asset redistribution. The sale of an item around Friday 14th could be helpful. Be aware though, that with Uranus having moved back into your sign, that around the solstice on Saturday 22nd, there is danger once again of overspending. Given that 2019 is likely to bring fresh financial challenge, maintaining any grip on finances this December would be wise. In particular, those of your sign should take care with credit card management. If you are in the delightful position of being able to invest, again, put domestic items and repairs near the top of your list.

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