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Aries Monthly February 2019

Chiron, the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus arrives in your sign midmonth. Coming not very many days after Venus takes a position at the very base of your solar chart, corrections or changes will likely need to be made either to domestic arrangements or to property itself. This of course may be something that's been on the horizon and much discussed for many months. As no planets are retrograde during February, the pace at every level is likely to be fast. Whilst this might appeal to you, it also suggests that you could happen to an accident (literal or financial) and will need to take especial care between the 13th and 15th that you don't talk yourself into an expensive mistake. It might also be wise to take someone with you and hide your credit card while shopping on the 19th when you could be lured and tempted by something you can't quite afford. Over the weekend of Saturday 23rd and 24th, and perhaps through the sale of a no longer wanted item - or, alternatively the opportunity to buy something at bargain price, it may be possible to conclude the month having shown considerable financial acumen.

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