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Aries Monthly July 2020

Focus remains on property and asset management. Remember though, that Mars has now moved into your sign and doesn't leave until early 2021. There is now an energy push that wasn't there before. Until 12th, Mercury is retrograde and yes, there may be times when it feels as though you're trying to move mountains. Between 12th and 15th major decisions might need to be taken - including cutting losses. The alternative may be to invest more and yes, get legal or other advice before you do. Tough as these conditions may be, - and around 20th you might wonder if the whole world is against you, - no situation lasts forever. As of 22nd a breath of fresh air should blow in. With this comes the potential to retrieve what you thought was a loss-making situation. Even if you've decided that it would be best to cut ties entirely, it may yet be possible to do this gracefully and to conclude the month though likely financially poorer, at least feeling as though you are some way back to being in charge.

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