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Aries Money

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Aries is a fire sign. These people are productive and excel when they have a project, a raison d'etre, an aim or a mission. Aries people do not need someone to think up an idea for them; being creative individuals, they are quite capable of coming up with something themselves. Their attitude is ever changing. Fire is never constant and can go from dying ember to furnace in a relatively short time. So it is with Aries' general attitude to finance - they may experience the whole gamut from having no financial resources to having plenty. Because this happens quite regularly, they develop a generally laissez-faire attitude to money in the wallet or purse. Cash appears to flow through at speed but is not something that the Aries person is going to worry about too much. The ups and down happen so regularly that they know that an up turn in their fortunes can happen as quickly as a downturn. What would worry them is a feeling of stagnation. If there is no movement whatsoever, Aries is apt to create it and when this happens the result can all too often be negative.

This is not to say that the Aries person is unable to treasure the cash they hold. It is simply that knowledge of what their cash looks and feels like is not a major factor for them. They may not even know how much cash they are carrying. To know such things goes against another Aries characteristic - and that is to be in a position to be impulsive and instinctive. Getting in touch with such mundane matters as cash, they feel, might attract a careworn-ness or worry factor which they do not need to be a part of their make-up.