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Those born under the sign of Aries are classically good self investors or entrepreneurs. They have no problem with backing one of their own ideas and are energised by resistance from bankers. Proving that they can make something work and that they are leaders in the field is a great feeling for them. Investing in themselves is no problem at all. Their weakness lies in that they function poorly when asked to do repetitive jobs over long periods of time and that they tend to be poor delegators. Their enthusiasm can wane all too easily and with all the knowledge of the business being carried by them alone, they rarely have backup support people ready to take over when they lose energy. Where they have great talent however, is in having one eye forever on the future. Their fear of stagnation is such that they are permanently attuned to ideas that will keep their business and its products in the lead. This is true even for those in service industries. By revamping the service regularly - and this too is a form of self- investment, they ensure that their service maintains its appeal and that their financial futures are secure.

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