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Aries Money

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The concept of investment planning may be perceived as long range commitment and will then be anathema to the Aries person. Were one trying to 'sell' the idea of investment planning to an Aries, it might be better explained as strategic saving. This kind of language infers some sort of military planning with an ever-readiness to seize the main chance and score a win over others. The Aries portfolio will include young stocks. The stocks are usually sufficiently aged to be starting to show promise but a long way from fulfilment. Here, the Aries person would seem to have the knack for seeing the potential and for buying in at the optimum moment before the stock price takes off. With older stocks, it seems that the Aries person has the happy knack of being able to buy in just as they are reaching a market bottom and selling out near a market top.

It should always be remembered that the Aries person is ruled by the fast action planet Mars. Aries people need to be able to take action quickly - at a moment's notice if need be. Much as a cat about to pounce, the Aries person enjoys the feeling that they were the ones ready in place at the right time and willing to make a move. But it is the move and the thrill that is critical here. Holding stocks for years and years waiting for them to rise is simply not for an Aries. They need the option of being able to move on quickly and to be free to re-invest in something more dynamic.