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Aries Money

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When it comes to bartering or negotiating a price for something, the Aries person has no problem in speaking up for what they want. In fact, they can be hagglers extra ordinaire and wear the other person down with their determination to get what they want at the price they are prepared to pay for it. Negotiating brings out their competitive spirit and one can be assured that they will stay with the fight until they have won.

Saving is often a problem area for the Aries person. Essentially they see this as a passive and therefore boring exercise. For them, the need to see funds grow quickly is paramount. They are exasperated by those schemes which require a certain level of investment just to get started. The Aries person needs to feel that they can contribute a little or a lot as and when they want to. Freedom here is very important. The idea of having their money safely 'locked up' for long periods of time may appeal intellectually, but the reality of not having the option of being able to take the money out on demand to snap up some offer or other, rules out long term savings commitments.