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Aries Money

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Aries people value freedom and being independent. That said, they are usually involved in a partnership somewhere in their lives. One could argue that they need the partnership just to show how 'free' and independent of spirit they really are. So it is with financial partnerships. They like the idea and may feel that the other party will provide security and underpinning for their own quirks. However, they react badly if they find their spending controlled by another. Trust and honesty are vital issues here. They have respect for other people's caution but require that others respect their need to be free to do their own thing.

A common feature of those born under a fire sign is a willingness to take risk and to seize upon a moment of opportunity. In this, they have been known to take inspired gambles. The Aries person can back a hunch and identify a product that is going to have incredible public appeal. They are not the only sign of the zodiac able to do this, but they are, perhaps, one of the few signs that will go out of their way to back a project in its early stages. This does not, of course, mean that all their 'hunches' will prove to be right and part of the learning process for the young Aries investor is in learning that it is as well to do some elementary checking of information before rushing in. This is where partnership can really help. If the Aries investor can pass on the idea of a scoop to someone else to do the checking for them, then so much the better.

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