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Aries Money

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Nor is it likely to be part of their habit pattern to fold bills neatly or to keep coins of different denominations in different pockets. It is not that they are incapable of doing this. In fact, once the suggestion is made that by keeping their purse tidy they may attract more resources, they will give it a try. The effort is likely to be short lived however since this group lose patience if something does not appear to work immediately.

The speed of credit/debit card transactions appeals to this group and offers a means by which they can take control of their financial situation. Aries people are less likely to spend funds on frivolous items once they have learnt that their main account is affected immediately. Of course, this is something that they only learn by experience but the important thing is that they do learn - although the process may take some time!

All told, cash is an irritant to the Aries person. It can all too easily become a chore to look after. Foreign currency can be twice as irritating - especially when very small coins are involved. This group of people, for whom time is of the essence, do not want to be burdened either with bulk coins, or the need to fiddle about counting out their cash. Paying by paper currency is always going to take precedence over making up a sum by coins - for them, that is a task best suited to those who have more time on their hands!

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