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Aries Love Friday 24th January 2020

As of June 28th and yes, many months away, Mars enters your sign for an extended stay. Think about that for a minute. From then and through until early 2021 you are likely to want to have your own way. You will need freedom and you will need independence. That doesn't preclude romantic activity but just how tricky negotiating that could be could be will likely be apparent as early as this week when Venus arrives at a quarter phase with Mars. And yes, you'd be right to think that this could put you at odds - very likely with a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Just think of yourself as planes on different flight paths needing to adjust in order to avoid collision. Considerable understanding, diplomacy and even yes, at times forgiveness will surely be necessary. As the Moon passes through your sign between Wednesday and next Friday, you could perhaps give thought as to how you negotiate needed freedom whilst also preserving a key union.