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Aries Love Friday 30th July 2021

This week the accent is on long-term friendships and how these can best be maintained. It's possible that a degree of staleness has crept in. You might also, - and especially if you're just setting off on a new romantic partnership, - feel constrained by responsibilities to a friend who really needs you. Balancing the old with the new will be taxing. Expect to to be criticised. That in turn could give rise to your own critical sub- personality rising to the surface. In short, this might not be the easiest of weeks where romance is concerned. Effort will be required. However, if you're prepared to put that in, or, if this is an agreed special time that you've been working for the many months, then once the Moon moves to the base of your solar chart on Thursday August 5th, you could reap rewards and create memories.