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Aquarius Yearly 2020

It might help to view 2020 as your 'Year of Great Transition'. In December and super-rarely, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in your sign; marking the start of a cycle that last for about a quarter of the millennium; way past your lifetime. It's often said that Aquarius is futuristic. Certainly it seems you view the world differently and embrace fresh concepts with ease. Yet it's equally true that Aquarius can be resistant to change. Saturn's arrival in your sign at the March Equinox suggests extra responsibility is headed your way and that attention will need to be given to past endeavours. You may feel called to account- especially during Venus' retrograde period between mid-May and end June. Saturn then retreats back into Capricorn giving you breathing space to consider where you've come from and where you'd like to be. View the remainder of Jupiter's transit through Capricorn (until December 20th) as a time of preparation and yes, transition. It is most unlikely that matters will run smoothly: you may find yourself at odds with neighbours or colleagues whom you feel are pushing boundaries or taking liberties. All those difficulties can and should be resolved by the middle of November; leaving you well placed to take advantage of the extraordinary new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that opens wih the conjunction in your sign and yes, taking the lead in its development.


Networking takes priority from the very start of the year - and should be an enjoyable exercise. That said, you should take care that you don't overspend in joining groups and associations and indeed, whilst Mercury is retrograde between February 16th and March 10, give thought to how much you are spending in this area. By the time that Saturn reaches your sign at the Equinox on March 22, you may be ready to make a commitment that you veiw as an investment. Careerwise, much will depend on your expertise and how you have developed it in recent years. It may be that retraining is still necessary. This should be easiest to accomplish during Mars' retrograde period between mid-September and mid-November. Indeed, with some careful planning, you could position yourself well for opportunities that will likely arrive mid-November with scheduled commitment from the very start of 2021. In short, it might be wise to schedule a monthly meeting with a mentor with a view to improving your status: starting perhaps with a makeover of your CV around your birthday.


An esteemed colleague has already described 2020 as the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. They are probably correct in determining that conditions will be difficult: we are after all entering a new age and transition is never easy. The potentially good news is that Jupiter and Saturn align at the very beginning of your sign on December 20th. This marks the start of a special business cycle. Being prepared for this, - and having money in the bank enabling you to invest where appropriate, would be wise. That said, the challenges will be great: particularly in the second quarter of the year and covering all of Venus' retrograde period, when cash flow could be limited. It maybe important to make the most of any opportunities in the first month of the year and then during the third quarter. It's during these times that perhaps you could build up a reserve. That said, expenses will likely be high again in mid-September through to mid-November promting you to dig deep into reserves. On the positive side, during this period you could unearth a talent for thrift.


In a year when both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods, it's unlikely that relationships will run smoothly for anyone. Like others born under Air signs, you could find Venus' retrograde 40 days between May 13th of June 26th particularly challenging. This though is also the time when realignment is possible. It may be that you and someone close have been operating on different wavelengths and that this union can yet be put back on track. During Mars' retrograde period between mid-September and mid-November the challenges are rather different. Your place within a team could feel slightly awkward - if temporarily. Remember, retrograde affects all signs : the cosmos is not 'out to get just you!' Fact is however, that with Saturn knocking on the front door of your sign, relationship matters are likely to be super important in 2020. Yes, for some this will bring an ending. Note however, that it's not just Saturn that enters Aquarius in 2020 but also Jupiter on December 20th. It's then, that the relationship doors should open wide open and yes, in the last 10 days of the year find you spoilt for choice.


Mental well-being is of course important. It's particularly so for Air signs. For the best part of a year Uranus has been passing over the base of your solar chart - no doubt stirring up emotions that you barely knew existed. This likely had effect on your entire well-being and put your brain into over-drive. Yet think for a moment about your feet. Is it possible that you need ti give these more attention? In focusing on these -especially between mid-February and early March, - and perhaps in the process buying yourself good shoes, you could ground yourself ahead of potential difficulties when Venus turns retrograde in another of the Air signs mid-May. Whatever, putting focus on health would be wise before the lunar node moves into another of the Air signs at the end of June. Over the next 18 months you are likely to be blasted by new ideas and concepts all of which could leave you reeling. Think carefully about your mental diet. What do you read? You may need to be more selective and get yourself into better condition ahead of the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in your sign on December 20th after which you will surely be in the spotlight.


You domestic world may already have been rocked since Uranus arrived at the base of your solar chart last year. Don't forget though that this is one of the slower moving planets and obviously much depends on your actual birthday. In all probability however, you are having to rethink how you live, where items are positioned and yes, who lives with you. Involvement in a house move may be discissed with a view to taking action in 2021. Saturn arrives in your sign in April then retreats for a few months and comes back for full ingress on December 20th. Between April and June hints of new responsibilities headed your way are probable. Parenting of some kind is entirely possible. It is also true that you perhaps need to parent yourself better - being rather more selective about what you take responsibility for.

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