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Aquarius Yearly 2022

Think back to the plans you made at the end of 2020 as Jupiter entered your sign. No doubt 2021 had plenty of stop- start moments - perhaps many ideas failed to take off as you hoped. Whilst some moments were surely exciting (the Jupiter effect), it's equally likely that the burden of responsibility weighed heavily. (That's the problem with Saturn passing through your sign). Saturn's transit doesn't complete in 2022 and yes, the burden of decision-making and accepting boundaries and responsibility could still weigh heavily until that's over. Yet the eclipses in 2022 signal the closing of domestic and career chapters and opening of others. Both May and November should prove particularly interesting - and hopeful. There is also the high probability, from mid August, of you exploring a new and exciting world. Yes, there is much for you to learn and investing in self growth could be taxing. Relationship-wise it seems likely you're headed toward commitment - not just at the personal level, but also within business where you may feel you need to carry greater responsibility in the hope of better reward.


It's not necessarily the case that you will go off in fresh direction in 2022, but likely that your profile will be substantially altered. For some, this will take the form of promotion whilst others feel it necessary and beneficial to begin their own businesses. Taking charge one way or another is the big theme. Then, from mid August when Mars begins its extended transit of another of the Air signs, the opportunity for you to develop a hobby into a second revenue stream is much, much increased. Yes, you might then decide that you need to do greater self investment - possibly at the end of September - and enrol on a course that won't complete until the end of 2024. This could yet prove a really strong and wise move. It's decisions taken by Taurus, Leo and Scorpio colleagues - most probably in the second quarter of the year - that will probably influence your choices and direction.


Until mid-May and again from the end of October to the end of the year, the cash flow in both directions should be fast and furious. It is often suggested that Jupiter brings bonuses. You could usefully think back to 2010 (when it last moved through the financial zone of your solar chart) to assess how well you did then. The cosmos never does exact repeats, but themes tend to echo. As outlined in the career section, an altered direction is probable in 2022 and should bring greater reward. Yet just holding onto your position - particularly as Saturn continues its journey through your sign could yet be stressful. Until your ruling planets Saturn and Uranus finally separate from a major aspect at the end of October, financial constraints will likely weigh heavily.


Obviously much depends on your exact birthdate, but with Saturn passing through your sign, the issue of commitment is likely to weigh heavily. Stresses and strains are likely to be felt all the way through until the end of October. The promising news is that Mars has an extended stay through the 'affairs of the heart' sector of your solar chart from mid August through into early 2023. If you do need to spread your relationship wings, opportunities should occur. Crisis time in existing relationships is likely around the Lunar Eclipse mid-May and again in early November - and for very different reasons. If you can negotiate these whirlwinds, then your relationship will surely be much strengthened. For those embarking or seeking to embark on new relationship adventure, cosmic conditions towards the end of the year are far better than at its start.


You may already know that the weak area of the Aquarian body is the area around the ankles and lower limbs and it may be that you need to give greater attention to footwear and how these support those lower limbs. Certainly, Saturn's continued move through your sign suggests the potential for you feeling the aches and pains of increased age. Perhaps - and more importantly,- concern about the mental welfare of others will preoccupy. Indeed, it's possible that learning how to give mental first-aid will be one of the things you choose to learn from mid August. Your own mental health should not be ignored. To this end, you perhaps need to think about spending more time outdoors and closer to nature.


Your two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus continue in sharp aspect until the end of October, and it could feel as though the family is torn in two. The problem is finding a good blend between past and future. There is high probability of you being weighed down by parental responsibilities (which may not actually involve someone younger - perhaps someone older). Stresses here could be felt acutely in July. Yet you perhaps know this is coming. It may also be a factor in the increased expenses likely to be experienced in the first half of the year. There's also the potential for further discussions about a move. Though yours is a sign reluctant to make change (for all you talk about doing so), the prospect of upheaval could be distressing. You need first to be excited about possibilities - which is probable after Mars moves into another of the Air signs mid August. Though not guaranteed that you will move (obviously much depends on your personal chart), it does seem likely that you will be re-creating space and making more room for light, love and laughter.

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