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Aquarius Yearly 2019

The arrival of Uranus at the very base of your solar chart in early March suggests domestic disruption or move. Mentally and emotionally you should be firing on all cylinders. You may choose to get involved with the political movement. You could also find your home invaded by those who want to debate and/or that changes in the local neighbourhood require you to travel or think differently. In short, 2019 should be a year like no other. The impact of the two solar eclipses: the first in January and the second in July is further evidence of unsettling developments that affect your routine and your long-term planning. Critically, Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign in July. It may be that someone close declares an intention that at one level shakes you to the core and at another - once you’ve had time to absorb their news, - is exciting and potentially life enriching. Events at the end of February and early March might at one level be shocking, yet also leave you with the freedom to advance an interest that’s been submerged for a long time. In short, winds of change in 2019 - though with the potential to displace you, - could also find you experiencing extra-ordinary adventure.


Fast-moving developments in your professional world are probable in 2019. A hint of changes to come may not be so far from the surface around the solar eclipse in January. Someone with whom you’ve cooperated or worked with for some considerable time will likely suggest that they are now ready to move on and have plans to move operations or rearrange a schedule from March. Whilst initially resistant to their suggestions and decisions, these moves would likely leave you free to accept opportunities which seem set to come thick and fast from the New Moon on May 4th. In adjusting to new hours or environment, you might agree to take part in a major archiving or winding up process scheduled to conclude around the solar eclipse in July. This might very well take longer than anticipated and require extra effort through to the Full Moon in your sign on August 15th. From then, and aware that there will be still other developments from mid-September, you could choose to take a break and consider carefully options for the remainder of the year. As Mars travels through another of the Air signs through October, plans will likely gather momentum and see a financial partnership move to new level entirely. Though it might take until early December before negotiations are completed, by the end of the year you could be partnered with someone with exciting plans for the next few years.


Financial matters are unlikely to run smoothly through 2019. Uranus’ move through Taurus will bring an element of disruption and chaos and require you to deal with resources, asset management, legacies and inheritance. You might also feel - even temporarily between March and September, -that you’re going it alone and without adequate support. That said, Jupiter’s transit of another of the key money areas of your solar chart through to December 3rd, suggests that assistance might come from long-distance or through a group or association (or both). The management of domestic costs will likely be a key factor throughout 2019 and in a way you have not experienced to date. You might consider treating yourself to a money management course around your birthday. It’s through this that you could combine forces with others and obtain discounts.


Anticipate being actively shaken rather than simply stirred during 2019. Partnership possibilities abound and many born under Aquarius will likely decide to move in with others or have someone move in with them before the end of the year. Certainly there is ample sign of domestic upheaval. Developments on the emotional front may be considerable. You’re likely to be on high alert and prepared before the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. Even so, late January through to late February could be an unsettling time – as might be July 2nd through to the Full Moon on August 15th. The lure and promise of romantic opportunity is suggested from the Full Moon on September 14th. However and though you might wish during October to be discreet about developments on this platform, by early December, it may be obvious that this cannot be achieved and that certain people will need to be kept in the loop.


Dis-ease often comes as a result of imbalance between head and heart. With Uranus at the base of your solar chart, it would be understandable if you spent much of the year in a state of stress or anxiety. Yours is one of the Air signs of the zodiac and learning to breathe correctly would boost your well-being. You would likely benefit from yoga or other form of breathing technique to support your well-being. Anxiety levels may be high: especially from March 6th through to mid-August. By then, you will surely have got used to a certain level of stress and be adjusting to change. Nevertheless, it would be advisable not to underestimate the effect that disquiet has on your system. Chiron, the planetoid often described as the wounded healer, changes signs just before the Sun leaves your sign in February. This should be seen as an important marker and perhaps, an indicator of the optimum time to undertake mental training. In developing mental strength, you would better resist any disease or illness. What seems imperative, is to be in as good a shape as possible by mid-September.


Comings and goings could be at a faster pace than usual. It may be that someone is temporarily absent and that you have to take on their responsibilities. Certainly getting to know the friends and associates of someone who is no longer around the day-to-day level may be a major feature of the year. A key period appears to be around the Full Moon in mid-August. It’s at this point, that you may sense that you then have the freedom to develop an interest that’s long been buried. With a relative who is considered mildly eccentric giving you their full support, this could yet develop into being the main feature of the last quarter of the year.