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Aquarius Outlook 2018


A wild, wild ride is what the cosmos has in store for you in 2018: conditions though which could find you at your very, very best. You are, after all, good at being quirky and going off at a tangent. Yet even you might be surprised at the many changes of direction you take in 2018. Think of the journey ahead as a maze but be confident that by year end you'll have found a way forward. It all starts with the lunar eclipse in your opposite sign on the very last day of January. That's the first trigger for change. The second is the solar eclipse two weeks later on February 15th (in your sign). Then Uranus (one of your ruling planets) moves into Taurus another of the Fixed signs on May 15th. That's followed by two more solar eclipses in July and August and Mercury's station at the exact degree of the January lunar eclipse. Not many weeks later, Venus turns retrograde at another key degree ' again in one of the fixed signs on October 6th. Each of these dates could be viewed as a crossroads. It's worth listing these events because it gives some idea of the many dramas to unfold. You will have choices. A sense of humour though will be required when you discover that some routes taken are dead'ends. These though are likely not time wasting exercises: but instead afford the opportunity for reappraisal of who you are, where you're going and your internal resources. With both the relationship and the career angles of your solar chart affected, by the end of the year you could be in a quite different business and, on the personal front, sharing time with someone new to your scene but who carries significant baggage. Exciting times ahead.


Until the New Moon on November 7th , Jupiter makes passage through the career sector of your solar chart. Jupiter has a justified reputation for bringing opportunity: often with an international, legal or university type edge to it. In Scorpio, there is a need to dig deep, to probe and decode. As of the start of the year, you might already have a mission in mind. If not, that project could come your way around the February eclipse: perhaps as a result of a colleague moving on and leaving a task half finished. It might help to be aware that a shift in responsibilities seems likely before April 15th . This may be one of the many factors that thrust your career forward by the Full Moon on April 30th . This though is by no means the last of the career moves probable in 2018. With Uranus' arrival in Taurus on May 15th you could be propelled into new position: probably involving new technology. Getting to grips with this will surely take time but be assisted by the arrival of a new colleague later that month. Mars spends an extra'long time in your sign: from May 15th to August 13th and again from September 11th to November 16th. Through both periods you may feel to be in fight mode. Your competence however is unlikely to be questioned; even if the ways in which you deal with the crisis are mystifying and even uncomfortable for some people. As Mars leaves your sign in November, Jupiter too changes sign. The net result ' and especially from December 7th through to the end of the year, ' is that others will surely actively seek you out, anxious for you to join their network and resulting in you concluding the year having branched out into a new field entirely.


Viruses can likely never be avoided entirely. Stress though is something that needs to be kept to a minimum if dis'ease isn't to take hold. With Mars retrograde in your sign from June 27th, your nervous system could be under strain. Note that Mars is retrograde as a series of eclipses then take place. Until August 19th when Mercury (linked to the nervous system) crosses the degree of the January lunar eclipse, your system could be under pressure. It might then be wise to have a health check in May ahead of this and to take necessary action (if needed) to be optimum condition. Arranging another health'check for September before Venus turns retrograde on October 6th would also be wise. Note that the Aquarius part of the body is the ankle area. Perhaps one thing you might consider is investing in good trainers in 2018 – especially in the winter months.


All cycles have peaks and troughs: different signs experience financial ebb and flow at different times. Global finance too has a rhythm. With the regard to this, it would be as well to prepare for significant down'turn as we head toward the next decade. In 2018 though you could be on a financial roll. True, that too will have ups and downs. The opportunity to expand your financial horizons and attract more – not necessarily of cash but of assets as well as love – appears on the horizon from the solar eclipse in your sign in February, through to Mars' extended stay in Aquarius (May 16th to August 13th and September 11th to November 16th). Through these periods, your ability to get your own way is pronounced. This should bring financial benefit. All this said, Uranus' destabilising force from May 16th (yes, coinciding with Mars' arrival in your sign), will surely require prompt asset management if you're not to be derailed. Uranus retrogrades out of Taurus from the November 7th New Moon (another amazing coincidence), likely giving you opportunity to do a financial re'set and, maybe, put a financial safety'net in place before the end of the year.

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