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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 20th September 2020

It shouldn't be too hard to tune into an alteration in the energy field following Tuesday's Equinox. True, 2020 isn't proving to be the easiest of years and until Saturn moves forward at the end of the month, it could feel as though you're trying to drive with the brakes still on. That said, significant progress could be made. There are likely many conversations (which arguably should have taken place in recent weeks) but are only now being given full attention. You could thrive on these especially if they are connected to education or to travel. Mentally it seems you'll have no difficulty whatsoever in moving into a faster stream. If this involves an element of research then so much the better. By the end of the week a political edge could creep in. You may be asked to take sides. Think carefully about how much energy you have available and whether or not you should concentrate more on putting your own house in order first.