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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

This could prove one super-crazy, crazy week. It all starts with the Full Moon on Monday and concludes with the solstice on Friday, - which itself coincides with Mars and Pluto reaching their Full Moon phase. This is likely a turning point for all signs. The solstice of course is one of the foremost powerful days of the year. It used to mark the change of the seasons. This year, it may be less about weather patterns, and more about changing attitudes. What might concern you between the Full Moon and the solstice, is that others are stripping assets. You might even wonder whether or not you too are pruning things back too far. Yet you're probably right in thinking that decluttering and making space for opportunity would be a wise move. By the time that the Moon reaches your sign on Thursday it's possible that others will ask for your assistance with regard to managing on less and travelling more.