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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 21st April 2019

Unless you were alive in the 1930s, you have no prior experience of the Sun's alignment with Uranus at the very base of the Aquarius solar chart. Though it might be assumed that you're familiar with your ruling planet's energies, even you could be unsettled by events. Fact is, that this is a fresh vibration for all signs. We should all anticipate the unexpected and for many people to take up apparently intransigent and immovable positions. Even your determination could be put to the test. When stubborn meet stubborn, explosion is probable! Real care will need to be taken that you don't self sabotage. Valuations could have your attention. Indeed, it may be these that put you on collision course. What may be imperative for you, is to know that you've not wasted either time or money. You might thoiugh need to acknowledge that others have been put under considerable emotional stress in recent times and that they too need to be reassured that they haven't wasted energy either.