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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

By next weekend Mars will have left your sign having been in and out of Aquarius for some months. It's not that your drive will be lost, but likely that from next weekend being part of a team and not driving the team will be uppermost. The First Quarter Moon on Thursday is in your sign. It's possible that by then, decisions taken around the solar Eclipse in your sign back in February, will be discussed once more. It isn't necessarily the case that you will go back on those plans - but perhaps need now to remove them to another level. It might seem to you that you now have sufficient information to being - not quite a position of power, - but able at least to command respect. By Friday, meetings may be planned for next week that attempt to address outstanding payment issues. In preparation for this, you might feel the need to make it known - especially to someone born under Sagittarius,- that you have indeed been putting in spade work for many weeks.