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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

Next Friday's First Quarter Moon is in your sign. Before that event, it might be as well to assess all that's happened since your birthday and to what degree you've managed to fulfil the aims and objectives you outlined then. 2018 has not been the easiest of years. With Mercury, Venus and Mars all going through retrograde periods it may well have felt as though for every step forward, you were taking at least two back. The good news is that as of last Friday, and coinciding with the New Moon, Mercury is in direct motion and, by mid-December, Venus will have completed an apparent loop in the sky. In short, there is still all yet to play for. You may be asked to consider cooperating with a large company or team of people who don't want to tie you down, but who value having a strong connection with you. This may be something to consider very carefully.