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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 17th February 2019

As the Sun leaves your sign, Chiron makes its entry into Aries. This isn't something that happens every year and brings a very different kind of vibration. If you think of yourself as a radio, you could now tune into a new station altogether. Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, has a reputation as a wounded healer or problem solver. It might also be deemed as a bit of a maverick. Given that those of your sign are not averse to doing things differently, it's very likely that following on from a crisis at the start of the week, that you will bring originality and new insights into a situation. It may be that a financial crisis is involved. Don't underestimate your particular genius -or your network. Indeed, it might even seem to others by Friday, that you don't have so much a network as a spider's web that is also a vast network of support.