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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

Both Mars and Venus change signs this week -forming a conjunction in Virgo next weekend. This is an area of your solar chart that is all about 'joint financial arrangements and deeper meaning'. It may be necessary to deal with legacies, inheritance and yes, complicated financial matters. Others could experience this as the need to talk about subjects often considered taboo. A large part of you may be fascinated by the approach others are taking. It may be that they are focused too much on how things have been rather than as they could be. This is where your particular gift for futuristic thinking should prove helpful. The morality or not of a situation may be under much discussion midweek. The stance that you take could be remarked upon. Where you could take others by surprise is in showing greater flexibility than had been assumed and a willingness to work with those whose task is to ensure that details are attended to.